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Cardano Meme Coin HOSKY Lands Major Listing on Asian Exchange

Fri, 05/12/2023 - 12:42
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Gamza Khanzadaev
Meme coin named after Cardano founder now available on top Asian exchange
Cardano Meme Coin HOSKY Lands Major Listing on Asian Exchange
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Coinstore, a prominent crypto exchange in Asia, recently announced the listing of HOSKY on its platform, which is touted as the most popular meme coin on Cardano. However, HOSKY's response to the announcement was quite unusual as it tweeted, "Well, now you know which exchange to avoid..." This may seem like an odd response, but it perfectly aligns with HOSKY's marketing strategy of positioning itself as a low-quality "doggo" meme token.

The token's site directly states on their website that they bring nothing but low-quality memes and do not promise any financial gains or cutting-edge technology. However, this unconventional approach seems to be working for HOSKY, as it has a market capitalization of almost $2 million, and approximately 30,000 addresses hold the token. This is quite impressive for a token that claims to offer nothing other than "doggo" memes.

The listing on Coinstore marks the second centralized exchange to list HOSKY, following its availability on MEXC. The total turnover on Coinstore stands at $325 million, and the listing is expected to boost HOSKY's trading volume and increase adoption of the token beyond the Cardano community.

Cardano's HOSKY Meme Coin Skyrockets Amid Altcoin Turmoil

Despite its unconventional approach, HOSKY has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the crowded crypto market. Its story highlights the importance of engaging with audiences in unique and unexpected ways, as well as the power of viral marketing. While HOSKY may not offer financial value or advanced technology, it has managed to capture the attention and imagination of many in the crypto space.

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