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Bulla Network's Transaction Importer Tool Makes Crypto Bookkeeping Easier Than Ever

Wed, 06/14/2023 - 13:42
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Vladislav Sopov
Bulla Network offers fully decentralized bookkeeping instrument for DeFi segments of multiple mainstream blockchains
Bulla Network's Transaction Importer Tool Makes Crypto Bookkeeping Easier Than Ever
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Bulla Network, an ecosystem of crypto commerce services, introduces an innovative solution that is poised to make bookkeeping in digital assets easier, safer and more inclusive.

Bulla Network launches the Transaction Importer, streamlines bookkeeping for Web3 businesses, DAOs and solopreneurs

According to the announcement shared by Bulla Network, its Transaction Importer tool has launched and is ready to enhance opportunities for accounting in Web3. A ground-breaking instrument, it can be better understood as a "personal multi-chain block explorer" that easily retrieves Bulla users’ transaction data and uploads it to their dashboards.

Bulla Network is an on-chain credit protocol that facilitates seamless invoicing, payments, payroll and account management. 

Bulla developed this tool to address major challenges crypto users face while migrating from TradFi to DeFi and making multiple transactions in different currencies across multiple networks. Previously, users were left to search for their transactions chain-by-chain. The Transaction Importer changes the game in Web3 bookkeeping and accounting processes by organizing users’ accounts to save time and money and open the door for advanced financial planning.

The new solution is among the first multi-chain crypto accounting tools. Currently, it supports the 13 most trending blockchains and can handle transactions from various networks.

All searches on Transaction Importer by Bulla Network can also be customized with tags. For specific tax purposes, for example, users can create custom labels and also add notes, comments and attachments.

One dApp, many use cases for crypto innovators

Based on Bulla Network’s fully native Web3 protocol, the Transaction Importer works in a truly decentralized manner. Unlike other payment dApps that are more Web2/Web3 hybrid in nature, Bulla does not require onboarding, off-boarding, account set-up or management, operating purely via wallet-to-wallet or peer-to-peer connections. The tool also works seamlessly with Gnosis Safe and WalletConnect, as Bulla hopes to promote broad inclusivity in using its dApp and promoting all kinds of Web3 business.

With these features, Bulla Network can help users of Web3 with various use cases. 

First, it facilitates seamless NFT invoicing, which can be done using any ERC-20 token.

It supports crypto "payroll,"  as users can authorize multiple payments to different wallets simultaneously, uploading a CSV, or importing the previous month's payments for a streamlined payroll routine.

Last but not least, all operations tracked by Bulla Network are available on request: it stores the history of Web3 transactions for all supported blockchains. They can be exported easily for tax and accounting purposes.

Racing toward decentralized credit services on Bulla Network

The Transaction Importer, just like the rest of the products by Bulla Network, is focused on a fully decentralized vision of the people's economy. Bulla's representatives call this vision "decentralized credit" and are sure that it will change the game in how people use money worldwide.

For instance, Bulla Network is pioneering on-chain credit through its creation of several other new products. 

Bulla’s NFT credit function will allow users to factor invoices to increase liquidity. Also, investors, borrowers and liquidity providers can leverage the borrowing power of users’ personal networks on Bulla with its upcoming FriendLend feature.

With Bulla Network, fundraising services are able to leverage the disruptive power of Web3. Fundraisers can use Bulla's application to create and send a tip jar or fundraising link. These links can be shared on various social media platforms to give investing rounds and fundraising campaigns a boost.

To make Web3 finance tooling more accessible to users with various levels of expertise in tech, Bulla Network forged a partnership with Huma Finance. Thanks to this collaboration, Bulla offers income features to create novel lending opportunities.

Despite being a multi-product commercial ecosystem, Bulla Network still champions its open-source ethos. Anyone can check out and audit its code and even launch a fork on the preferred EVM blockchain. The Bulla protocol is composable and can also sit on any tech stack. 

To sum up, the Transaction Importer by Bulla Network is set to make bookkeeping in Web3 streamlined, accessible and inclusive, and Bulla Network is paving the way forward for Web3 business.

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