BTC Whales Stir: $418.3 mln Transaction Reported as Analysts Recommend Buying Dip

Fri, 02/28/2020 - 08:49
Yuri Molchan
Whale Alert detects a transaction worth 47,446 BTC, while Tyler Winklevoss praises Bitcoin as an investment tool and analysts recommend buying the dip
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The flagship digital currency keeps trading under the $9,000 level. Bulls are taking it as a sign to buy the dip and are reminding the crypto community on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Whale Alert has reported another gargantuan transaction with the Bittrex exchange involved.

$418.3 mln in Bitcoin moved

The Whale Alert bot has spotted a transaction worth 47,446 BTC first from an anonymous wallet to an address at the Bittrex exchange. This was followed by the same amount of BTC sent back from Bittrex to that wallet.

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Now that BTC is trading in the $8,500 area, Bitcoin whales are likely to become more active. Other recent transactions reported by Whale Alert on the Bitcoin blockchain could be of the same nature.

On February 27, Whale Alert reported a similar-sized transaction involving Bittrex, Binance and a few unregistered Bitcoin wallets.

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Winklevoss praises Bitcoin, again

One of the Winklevoss twin brothers, Tyler, has taken to Twitter to share another bullish word on Bitcoin.

He calls BTC the best safe haven asset in the history of the world.

“At some point people will wake up and realize that bitcoin is the best safe haven asset the world has ever seen. Until then, opportunity abounds.”

While crypto influencer Tyler Winklevoss praises Bitcoin as the price drops, analysts believe it is time to buy the dip – there is time, they say, while BTC is trading below $10,000.

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