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Blockchain's Most Successful Women: The Lucky Seven List

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 15:56
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Alexander Goborov
Today we bring you the names of Blockchain’s top females who have become major contributors to the global crypto movement
Blockchain's Most Successful Women: The Lucky Seven List
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Today’s world of centralized finance and politics is often associated with a patriarchal structure, which is, it is said, dominated by cunning ambitious men, both old and young. Since Blockchain is the decentralized, mirrored version of this system supposedly striving for equality of opportunity, we thought it would be fun to look at some of the most successful women working in Blockchain today. Here’s our list of the seven ladies who were lucky, talented, and persevering enough to have made it big, listed alphabetically:

Athey, Susan (Ripple)


With a BA in economics, mathematics, and computer science from Duke University and a PhD in economics from Stanford, Susan Athey is probably the most rigorously trained and academically acclaimed of all of the females on this list. Having previously taught at MIT and Stanford, she worked as an economic consultant for Microsoft for a few years before joining Ripple in 2013. She has been serving on Ripple’s board of directors ever since contributing to the company’s economic strategy and educating the public on the use of the Blockchain technology and DLT.  

Baldet, Amber (Clovyr)


A former executive director of JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence, which “leads efforts for applications of distributed ledger technology (DLT) within JP Morgan”, Amber Baldet is now the cofounder and current CEO of the recently established platform Clovyr. According to Amber, the company specializes in developing a “framework and ecosystem of applications and services” on the Blockchain. An avid believer in this technology, she is considered to be an influential figure in the community, concurrently also serving on the board of the Zcash Foundation.

Boring, Perianne (Digital Chamber of Commerce)


Perianne Boring is the president and founder of Digital Chamber of Commerce, which was established back in 2014. The center claims to be no less than “the world's largest trade association representing the blockchain technology”, thereby putting Perianne at the very forefront of the industry. A graduate of the University of Florida, she was a legislative analyst in the US House of Representatives, as well as a financial services journalist for RT America before eventually establishing her own firm and claiming yet more limelight. Today, she is considered to be a major voice in the field, not only among women but also men.

Haun, Kathryn (Coinbase)


Kathryn Haun is serving on the board of directors of Coinbase, a well-known digital currency exchange platform based in San Francisco. Prized for her legal experience and expertise, the Stanford graduate previously worked as a federal prosecutor with the US Department of Justice. While there, she was involved in such high profile cases as fraud with extortion among federal agents in the Silk Road investigation, as well Bank Secrecy Act violations in the US Department of the Treasury vs. Ripple Labs. Now, Kathryn is using her impressive background to ensure that Coindesk operates well within the US government’s regulations and compliance guidelines.

Kim, Joyce (Stellar)


Joyce Kim is arguably one of the most accomplished crypto women today. Being the co-founder of Stellar (together with Jed McCaleb), the world’s sixth biggest crypto coin by market cap, Joyce resigned as the company’s executive director two years ago, though she still maintains close ties with the company. Having previously given speeches at the UN about migration and sustainable development, she embarked on a mission to tackle income inequality in some of the less privileged places across the globe, including Asia and Africa. In an effort to further this cause and attempt to solve real world issues through innovation, last year Joyce became a managing partner at SparkChain Capital, an early stage venture capital fund.

Reckhow, Carolyn (Casa)


Carolyn Reckhow is the head of operations and client services at Casa, a recently established company that specializes in multisig storage of digital currencies. She is also the former director of operations at Lubin’s ConsenSys, a company that develops software for Ethereum’s decentralized network, the very same one that earlier this month famously accused EOS of not being a Blockchain company. Carolyn comes from a social sciences background and refers to herself as a “macro social worker for the Internet”. With Casa’s ambitions growing by the day, Carolyn is sure to follow with her hands-on approach and finely honed communication skills.

Vranova, Alena (Trezor)


After working for ten years in the insurance sector in her native Czech Republic, Alena Vranova later served as the CEO of Satoshi Labs and became famous in the crypto community for being the founder of the much sought-after Trezor wallet. Earlier this fall, she became the global director of development at Casa, the same recently established company that Carolyn Reckhow is now also working for. At present, Alena is using her strategic know-how and close ties with Satoshi Labs to build a client base comprised of the wealthiest crypto owners around, promising them the best possible hardware protection for their digital assets.   

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