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bitsCrunch NFT Platform Scores Partnership with Mastercard: Details

Wed, 6/04/2022 - 16:18
bitsCrunch NFT Platform Scores Partnership with Mastercard: Details
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bitsCrunch addresses the problems of fraud prevention in the sphere of non-fungible tokens. In Q2, 2022, it will receive advisory, marketing and consulting support from world-leading card system Mastercard.

bitsCrunch starts collaborating with Mastercard to reach new audience and accelerate tech development

According to the official announcement shared by the bitsCrunch team, it has joined Master Start Path, an award-winning start-up incubation program by global fintech heavyweight Mastercard.

As the collaboration between the two firms launches, bitCrunch will be supported with unparalleled expertise from Mastercard's engineers and marketers.

Primarily, this partnership is set to strengthen Mastercard's presence in the Web3 ecosystem globally and introduce NFT security practices to a wide audience.

Vijay Pravin Maharajan, bitsCrunch CEO, outlines that this announcement is of particular importance for a wide range of entrepreneurs in the crypto segment as well as for retail NFT holders and digital art fans:

With MasterCard, startups around the globe can develop platforms across open banking, predictive financial modeling for small businesses, smart rental payments, and more. The partnership with bitsCrunch allows companies to access MasterCard's global ecosystem and reach new audiences through MasterCard customers. The collaboration will provide safe and secure transactions, which will enhance the brand's credibility.

Also, bitsCruch will be connected to Mastercard's global architecture of partnerships. This, in turn, will accelerate its adoption and increase brand visbility.

Pushing barriers of security on NFT markets

Mastercard representatives highlighted their vision for the bitsCrunch team and the milestones already accomplished by its products:

With tech-savvy tools, an incredible team, and industry expertise, bitsCrunch ensures consistent quality and safety across the digital assets startups. Collaborating with MasterCard Start Path helps us deliver the best-in-class solutions to emerging crypto industry customers and transforming business landscapes. Also, we are glad that bitsCrunch will be incorporated into the MasterCard Start Path program shortly.

By 2022, bitsCruch released the first-ever commercial stack of solutions for secure, safe and censorship-resistant verification of NFT operations.

With its first generation of instruments—Scour, Crunch DaVinci and Liquify—buyers and sellers can disclose digital wash trading, asset forgery and check the true price of assets before the deal.