AI Experts Call for Boycott of South Korea University That May Be Developing Killer Robots

Fri, 04/06/2018 - 07:07
Beixi Xu
Cover image via U.Today

57 robotics experts from nearly 30 countries call for a boycott of KAIST, a University in South Korea, that intends to open an artificial intelligence weapons lab which may lead to making killer robots.

Experts’ biggest concern is that KAIST is working with Hanwha Systems, South Korea's leading arms company, whose parent company has been blacklisted by the UN for making cluster munitions.

Called “Research Center for the Convergence of National Defense and Artificial Intelligence,” the lab was reported that their goals are to "develop artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to be applied to military weapons, joining the global competition to develop autonomous arms."

According to its Web site, “KAIST was established in 1971 to model a research-focused university and to foster elite human resources in science and technology needed by the nation.”

About the author

Beixi Xu is a Washington-based business reporter with a strong interest in AI, Next Generation Technologies and space exploration. Besides English, she also speaks Mandarin and German. She is currently working as a business and market reporter for Medill News Service, covering retail and transportation.

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