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XRPL Chief Developer Rejects Idea of Ecosystem's Own Credit Cards in Main Wallet Solution

Thu, 07/21/2022 - 14:16
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Gamza Khanzadaev
Wietse Wind denies rumors about Xumm Wallet credit card
XRPL Chief Developer Rejects Idea of Ecosystem's Own Credit Cards in Main Wallet Solution
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Despite the rumors spreading about the appearance of its own card solution in the main wallet of the XRPL ecosystem, Xumm Wallet, the development team of the project is not interested in such an innovation.

XRPL Labs has no plans to create Xumm Wallet debit and credit cards because these solutions are inefficient and operate on the principle that if the consumer does not pay, someone else does, said lead developer Wietse Wind.

Wind also said that while not doing so is a choice about a more complex way to develop XRPL, adding old technologies on top of new and more efficient ones is not what the ecosystem and the developer himself are personally aiming for.

XRPL aims to bridge fiat and digital worlds in Asia and Europe

At the same time, abandoning such a development path does not mean that XRPL is not going to build a bridge between the fiat and digital worlds of finance. On the contrary, the ecosystem development team is actively working on on- and off-ramp solutions that will allow instant exchanges of fiat money to XRP and back, Wind assured.

Lead developer XRPL Labs also shared the news that a full on-ramp/off-ramp solution will be available to Xumm Pro Beta users from the Netherlands within the year, which the project team hopes to then expand to all EU countries and then switch to the Asian region.

At the same time, not all traditional solutions experience such a strict rejection of the XRPL. For example, at the beginning of June, Xumm Wallet received an important update in the area of user authorization. As a result of the implementation, it became possible to authorize Xumm Wallet through an XRPL account, which is similar to the usual web2 standard, where the user authorizes a platform through a Google or Facebook profile.

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