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ViaBTC Ecosystem Launches Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Community Initiatives Series

Wed, 17/01/2024 - 7:14
ViaBTC Ecosystem Launches Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Community Initiatives Series
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ViaBTC, a multi-product blockchain ecosystem with focus on Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) mining, launches an unparalleled series of community events in anticipation of the next Bitcoin (BTC) halving.

ViaBTC launches unique series of activities ahead of BTC halving

The next Bitcoin (BTC) halving is expected to occur in late April 2024. To celebrate this milestone that is crucial for the entire blockchain and Web3 segment, ViaBTC, a major mining conglomerate, is kicking off a series of community events.

vitabtc halving
Image by ViaBTC

In January-April 2024, ViaBTC will be holding various community initiatives with lucrative bonuses. To start with, in January, ViaBTC launched ViaBTC Quiz, a halving knowledge quiz for newbies and pros. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills; winners will share in the 1,200 USDT prize pool. 

The applicants will be able to join starting from Jan. 13. Basic information about Bitcoin (BTC) halving is published on the “Bitcoin Halving” page of ViaBTC's main website.

Also, starting from Jan. 23, ViaBTC enthusiasts are invited to join ViaBTC Moment, a lucky draw dedicated to the upcoming halving. For this initiative, the aggregated prize pool is capped at 4,000 USDT.

The next phase of the Bitcoin Halving campaign will go live in March. The exact details of the “Less is More” campaign will be disclosed in the coming weeks. Also, ViaBTC followers on various social media platforms are invited to attend ViaBTC AMA with very special guests. A star guest will join the ViaBTC community with an in-depth analysis of the current Bitcoin (BTC) PoW mining market.

Then, in April 2024, supporters of ViaBTC are invited to join the ViaBTCHalving countdown event with 1,200 USDT in bonuses. Within the framework of the ViaBTCHashrate initiative, users will be able to share their Bitcoin (BTC) mining accomplishments with crypto fans from all over the world. For miners, a 2,000 USDT bonus is offered by ViaBTC.

Fourth Bitcoin (BTC) halving: What to expect?

Last but not least, ViaBTC Predict initiative participants will be attempting to guess the exact price of Bitcoin (BTC) following the fourth halving. As such, the series of captivating community initiatives by ViaBTC will be interesting for both crypto newcomers and seasoned holders, for investors, day-traders and miners. 

The ViaBTC Bitcoin Halving campaign is a symbol of the cryptocurrency segment’s excitement before the fourth BTC halving that is set to happen on April 22, 2024. This halving will make BTC mining block rewards 50% lower, pushing them from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC per block. This is the most crucial tokenomic event in the Bitcoin (BTC) lifespan.

Bitcoin (BTC) halvings are hardcoded into the design of the Bitcoin (BTC) network; they can not be postponed, canceled or somehow adjusted. Halvings happen every 210,000 blocks, or roughly every four years. They are designed to make BTC scarcer over time and prevent its price from inflation. 

Typically, Bitcoin (BTC) halvings are interpreted as major bullish catalysts for BTC performance in the next cycle. The price peaks of the two previous cycles were registered in the 18th month after the second (2016) and third (2020) Bitcoin halving events. 

The last Bitcoin (BTC) halving in its history will happen in 2140; the block reward will drop from 0.00000001 BTC to absolute zero. No Bitcoins (BTC) will be issued after this 33rd halving.

One-for-all ecosystem in Web3: What is ViaBTC?

ViaBTC is one of the oldest, largest and most reputable mining ecosystems in the world. Launched in Q1, 2016, it facilitates mining operations for almost all proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, including those based on SHA256, Scrypt, ETCHash, Equihash, X11 and other mining algorithms. 

Since launch, it has already accompanied miners through the last two BTC halvings, amassing considerable experience.

Image by ViaBTC

As such, its miners are involved in the PoW designs of Bitcoin (BTC) and its forks, the largest Ethash-based crypto Ethereum Classic (ETC), privacy coin ZCash (ZEC), novel PoW cryptocurrencies Kaspa (KAS) and Nervos (CKB), and so on.

ViaBTC is the #1 Litecoin (LTC) mining pool by aggregated hashrate; the platform gained this status in 2022.

Besides cryptocurrency mining services, ViaBTC offers built-in multi-cryptocurrency wallets for deposits and withdrawals for frictionless and profitable mining. Its financial services kit includes seamless crypto loan products available to customers 24/7.

In order to make mining processes transparent and predictable, ViaBTC launched a Return and Profit Calculator for all assets. Even customers with no previous experience in mining are able to calculate potential costs and rewards. 

Last but not least, ViaBTC offers a transaction accelerator and seamless hedging service for stable mining profits. As a result, ViaBTC has established itself as a holistic ecosystem for cryptocurrency miners, traders and investors.


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