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TRON (TRX) Names BitDogSR a Validator Candidate, BitTorrent Gets Elected

  • Yuri Molchan
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    Justin Sun, the Tron CEO, tweets BitTorrent is elected as a super node

TRON (TRX) Names BitDogSR a Validator Candidate, BitTorrent Gets Elected
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BitDogSR is famous for supporting Tron when the company had only just started off. The company intends to carry the philosophy of Tron further around the world and solve any problems that might rise in front of the TRX community.

Tron Foundation claims that the Tron super node is located on various servers, on barmetal and cloud platform. The startup team has also confirmed that their code script will see if there are any bugs or failures on the creation server and in the switch.

The latter is in charge of channeling on the platform, which lets the network perform various decisions.

The reps of BitDogSR have also publicized their intention to run for a Tron validator post and if they win, they will become Tron Super Representative (SR) #66.


What happens if BitDogSR wins

If elected as an SR, the company will be able to impact on the governance of the network in the future, mainly being a representative of the crypto community. Apart from this mission, SRs are to take a do active calculating and validating Tron Blockchain operations.

Other big names with Tron

Justin Sun has also reported on Twitter, that BitTorrent that was recently acquired by Tron, has been elected as a Super Node number 27. Also, Huobi crypto exchange has entered the competition to run for an SR position.

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