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The Sims Creator Develops New “Scary” Blockchain- and AI-Based Game

Tue, 09/28/2021 - 13:17
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Yuri Molchan
Game designer Will Wright's company is developing a new game, Proxi, about memories that will enable players to create and own their content as NFTs
The Sims Creator Develops New “Scary” Blockchain- and AI-Based Game
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According to a recent article by Bloomberg, the company Gallium Studios, which is behind popular game The Sims, has inked a partnership with DLT gaming company Forte Labs to create a new game under the title Proxi.

In this game based on blockchain and AI, users will be able to make and own their content.

A "scary game about self-discovery"

The new game will enable users to create "proxies" of their minds. Players will be able to visualize newly created memories with 3D drawings, photos and audio files. A memory will be used to create a world and a mind.

The game, called Proxi, will allow players to see how they arrange their memories, how they think and what it is that adds uniqueness to their personalities. The game will also allow for the creation of a special map. It will reflect how the player moves through the world and builds associations with things. When this is done, a Proxi comes alive and can interact with other Proxies in the game.

Will Wright, the creator of The Sims and founder of Gallium Studios, stated in an interview that this game will be about self-discovery, and that might be "scary" for many.

I think that self discovery is scary. Learning about the world is not as scary as learning about yourself.

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Ownership of NFTs and getting paid for content-making

The article says that the blockchain basis provided by Forte Labs will allow players to own their memories in the form of NFTs. The game is being built by equal parts Gallium team and Forte devs.

Forte Labs is based in San Francisco and it powers DLT infrastructure for computer games: crypto wallets, NFTs, solving regulatory issues, etc.

The company will ensure that, in Proxi, players will ensure ownership of memories to players as non-fungible tokens and will make sure content-creators will be paid for what they do.

There will also be an in-game marketplace where players will be able to trade everything as NFTs or buy them with USD.

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