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SeaCoast's COAST Sale Kicks Off on October 25

Tue, 10/25/2022 - 12:00
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Vladislav Sopov
SeaСoast introduces Web3 instruments to vibrant nautical ecosystem with its pioneering native token
SeaCoast's COAST Sale Kicks Off on October 25
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SeaCoast, a Web3 service that addresses the sphere of blockchain technology implementation in navigation and maritime travel, shares the details of its much anticipated tokensale event. COAST token is set to underpin the economic design of SeaCost's array of products.

COAST token launches to supercharge ecosystem of nautical services

According to the official announcement shared by the SeaCoast team, its COAST cryptocurrency goes live on Oct. 25, 2022. Its initial coin offering (ICO) is designed to introduce cryptocurrency tooling to all enthusiasts of sailing and yachting from various regions of the world.

Immediately upon the token's distribution, it will be integrated into a multi-product ecosystem of services helmed by SeaCoast managers and engineers: ShoreView, PortView and PaperBoat. The three products are focused on changing the way people interact with coastal resources.

ShoreView is promoted as a virtual assistant designed to advance the coastal navigation experience. With ShoreView, captains can leverage AR/VR tooling to see objects invisible to the naked eye. PortView is set to replace Google Maps for sailors: it facilitates mooring boats using augmented reality and audio assistance.

PaperBoat is a mooring reservation manager that attempts to become a analogue for the global maritime audience. The three products will together advance the sailing experience for both professionals and newbies.

COAST rewards for reliable navigation information

Industry veteran Jose Manuel Arnaiz, CEO of SeaCost and founder of Jazztel, DigiMobil, highlights the importance of the COAST token release for the global Web3 community:

We do not think of tokens as a possibility to capture resources, but as a way from which we can promote some services and boost the recurrence of users on the platform.

Once launched, the token will be used to reward enthusiasts with valuable information useful to sailors. For instance, to get COAST bonuses, SeaCost users can share geo-referenced elements that can then appear on augmented reality maps for their colleagues.

Additionally, the largest COAST holders will unlock very special utilities, e.g., priority access to marinas or buoys to discounts at local venues and premium invitations to events in the sphere.

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