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Pullix (PLX) Pre-Sale Traction Registered in February, 2024 as Solana (SOL), Celestia (TIA) Communities Researching Upgrades

Mon, 12/02/2024 - 12:26
Pullix (PLX) Pre-Sale Traction Registered in February, 2024 as Solana (SOL), Celestia (TIA) Communities Researching Upgrades
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As investor sentiment shifts away from conventional projects whilst market trends evolve, there has been a new wave of digital assets competing for dominance. However, amidst this dynamic landscape, established rivals like Celestia (TIA) and Solana (SOL) steadfastly hold their ground, retaining their positions as key players in the industry.

Albeit, the focus among investors is now splitted, with new entrants like Pullix stealing attention for its innovation. 

With several positive catalysts, Pullix (PLX) might be in an interesting position prior to the bull run in 2024.

Supporters of Pullix (PLX) can take part in pre-sale and buy tokens here.

Analyzing the prospects of Celestia (TIA) coin in the crypto market 

Amidst uncertainty in the market, Celestia (TIA) token, has struggled to exceed investor’s expectations. However, due to its modular framework, which sets it apart from other blockchain networks, the native TIA token has strived to be more and more popular over the past years.

Currently trading above $17 with a weekly range of $17.19 and $18.3, TIA token price reflects a weekly decline of over 6%. In contrast, Celestia token still boasts a monthly increase of over 17%, suggesting that the current downturn may last only for a short period before an eventual upward retracement. 

Solana (SOL) might be due to a sparkling February

Solana(SOL) kicked off the month of February at its lowest monthly price of $93.3 before it subsequently peaked at $101.8. Shortly after, SOL price dropped to its current weekly range of $95.5 and $104.3, to reflect a weekly decline of nearly 9% According to CoinMarketCap data, Solana's market cap decreased recently by half-a-percent, to $41,828,511,297.  

Although Solana's token has fluctuated over the past month, network user activity has continued to rise. This token's growing network activity and acceptance indicate Solana's room to expand significantly and perhaps hit new heights.  

Pullix (PLX) token draws near to its launch in 70 days

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, Pullix (PLX) has distinguished itself as a cutting-edge, distinctive hybrid trading platform. Essentially, Pullix aims to transform online trading by merging the benefits of decentralized and centralized finance (DeFi and CeFi) in a unified ecosystem. 

Notably, Pullix is on a mission to address key liquidity concerns that are predominant among online trading platforms. By incentivizing users to provide liquidity, Pullix can offer better liquidity and more competitive prices compared to other platforms. Not only will this initiative attract users, it also plays a pivotal role in driving up demand for the native PLX tokens.

The native PLX token is positioning itself among the top crypto coin , attracting several investors after raising millions in its ongoing presale. With over 15,000 users signed up already, and over $5 million raised so far, the DeFi project is generating anticipation ahead of its launch in 70 days. 

Furthermore, Pullix is introducing a profit-sharing scheme and token burn system to ensure sustainable user engagement. While token burn will reduce the PLX token supply along the line to drive up its value, the profit-sharing model incentivizes users who participate in trading activities.

In the stage 7 of the ongoing token presale, each PLX token is trading at $0.10. There is also an ongoing meme contest held on the Projects social media platform where, offering prizes of $250, $100, and $50. 

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

Visit Pullix 

Join The Pullix Communities


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