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VERTU’s Trailblazing Web3 Phone Forges an Exclusive Partnership With Ethereum

Tue, 10/25/2022 - 14:00
VERTU’s Trailblazing Web3 Phone Forges an Exclusive Partnership With Ethereum
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October 24th sees the dawn of a new era for VERTU, with the launch of the METAVERTU in London – the world’s first Web3.0 enabled smartphone. Having built a reputation for investing in innovative design, luxurious materials, VIP services and network security, VERTU is now breaking new ground when it comes to next generation of hardware and software. The theme of this campaign is ‘connecting people’, showing the respect to NOKIA.

The bespoke VERTU CNCOS operating system is a ‘5-dimensional integrated ecosystem,’ combining chips, smart terminals, blockchain, OS and services in a single mobile handset. As the transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0 gains momentum, the METAVERTU is designed to facilitate a seamless transition for VERTU customers, partnering with key players such as crypto-pioneer Ethereum.

Hardware features on this flagship 5G mobile include Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8GEN1 chip, up to 18GB RAM+1TB ROM, and a triple camera system with high quality lens. The regular METAVERTU has a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with 400ppi and 144hz refresh rate. Also, METAVERTU is equipped with an upgraded 64-megapixel lens and a 4,600mAh battery, which can charge up to 99 percent in 20 minutes. 

Luxury and design are at the forefront of the METAVERTU, with multiple colours in the finest materials and finishes available, fully customisable for a personal touch. Additional ultra luxury details are available with their bespoke service, including diamond detailing, gold finishes and platinum additions for that extra special finish. The METAVERTU exists at the intersection of fashion, design and technology, a true accessory designed to be seen. The first released MATEVERTU is available in six models, with the entry-level METAVERTU starting at £2,980 in carbon fibre, and from £5,998 to £36,998 in high quality alligator leather.

Double security chips to protect digital assets 

High-profile hacks such as that suffered by cryptocurrency exchange Binance in October 2022 (where $570 million was stolen) act as a reminder that the opportunities of this new wave of technology also come with risks. The METAVERTU has been designed to address these security issues, with a built-in blockchain chip based on SE+TEE architecture. This embedded microcomputer meets the security specifications of top-tier international financial institutions, as well as offering other ultra-secure features such as anti-intrusion sensors and a restricted physical security boundary inside the phone. By combining proprietary software and hardware, the METAVERTU has amongst the strongest security and privacy offers available in a consumer device.

Integrated mobile node for crypto

Smartphones are the most ubiquitous form of consumer technology today, with over 5 billion units worldwide. This makes them an untapped resource for Web3.0 decentralization, and Ethereum has made a move to abandon the traditional server mining model by making it possible to run a node on the METAVERTU handset. Operating in a decentralized way reduces the carbon footprint of Ethereum by 99.95%, addressing one of the main criticisms of cryptocurrency and Web 3.0, while allowing VERTU users to participate in the Web3.0 ecosystem.

‘System twins’ allow seamless switch between Web2.0 and Web3.0

Recognizing the fact that Web3.0 migration won’t happen overnight, the METAVERTU has a simple one-key switch that allows users to toggle between Web2.0 and Web3.0 modes. Benefits of the Vertu-developed Web3.0 operating system include instantaneous NFT generation, self-contained peer-to-peer encrypted communication and a curated range of DAPP applications. The system twin function combines the everyday comfort and familiarity of Web2.0 with the innovation of Web3.0.

Upgraded concierge service, complete with NFT PASS

VERTU is famous for its market-leading VIP concierge service, which has been upgraded for Web3.0 in the METAVERTU. As well as all the previous services – ranging from hotel booking to gift sourcing – the METAVERTU concierge has a new NFT PASS membership, Web 3.0 courses and early access to high-value whitelists. 

Shipment available on 3rd Nov

Available from 3rd Nov, METAVERTU will be distributed through all VERTU stores globally, including the new flagship location opening on Bond Street in London later this year. Online sales will be available via WWW.VERTU.COM, VERTU is also operating in partnership with Tmall in China, launching a novel Metaverse shopping experience on Tmall HeyBox.

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