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The Funky Llamas

Wed, 02/09/2022 - 11:08
The Funky Llamas
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The Funky Llamas is a new NFT project that brings real-world utility to the mix. Created to unite people and build a strong community, this project enables holders access to exclusive VIP events, participation in giveaways for unbelievable prizes, and the chance to get face time with the development team, and project creators. 

The collection features 9,999 AI-generated totally unique pieces of art that are secured on the Ethereum Blockchain. There is also an exclusive “Machu Pichu” collection for 20 Funky Llama NFT holders that will receive elite benefits and rewards.

The creators of the Funky Llamas collection realized that most NFT projects lack real-world utility, and as such, they combined the digital asset with tangible benefits. These benefits include luxuries such as free round-trip flights, 5-star hotel stays, and unlimited drinks at exclusive hosted events! Believe it or not, this is real. In fact, some of these perks would be on the bucket list for the average person, but for Machu Pichu collectors, they will become part of their lives.

The team behind the Funky Llamas have dreamt of making this project unique, engaging, and as playful as possible. All NFTs come in various rarities, and with most projects, that rarity cannot be changed, and it is baked into the metadata of the NFT itself. With Funky Llamas, all owners are able to transform their NFTs, and the way they’ve done it is quite amusing. NFT owners will be able to feed their Llama a “Funky Mushroom,” which will update their Funky Llama NFT into a whole new NFT. This increases its value, and gives the owner even more real-world rewards! 

Llamas to the Metaverse 

Everyone heard the announcement from Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook changing its name to “Meta” to prepare people for the metaverse. Now, there are countless metaverse applications, and endless user experiences. As such, the Funky Llamas have planned for the “Funky Llama Show,” a metaverse talk show that will host celebrity interviews, and live music performances. “Llamy Fallon,” the host of the Funky Llama Show, will interview celebrities, crypto thought-leaders, and other special guests. If that doesn’t catch your eye then this might - 30% of the profits generated from these live shows will be distributed back to the NFT holders. 

The Funky Llamas project is now building its online community on Discord, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Users that are engaged and complete several online tasks will be able to win a spot on the coveted whitelist, which will give them access to a pre-sale of the digital assets, discounted NFTs, and more. This has become quite common, but for a project like this one, a spot on the whitelist could make a huge difference. 

There is a limit of five NFTs per owner, and that is to grow the community and give more people the chance to hold one or more of these assets. The “Genesis” collection will become available in February 2022, and the crypto community's hype for the project is growing. 

To learn more and get involved in the Funky Llama NFT collection, see the links below:

The Funky Llamas

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