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NPics Launches to Introduce NFT-Fi Concept, Allows Leveraged NFT Trading

Wed, 08/03/2022 - 11:11
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Vladislav Sopov
NPics ecosystem melds instruments of DeFi and NFT spheres, unlocks entirely novel opportunities for NFT holders and "yield farmers"
NPics Launches to Introduce NFT-Fi Concept, Allows Leveraged NFT Trading
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NPics, a cutting-edge platform for non-fungible tokens, allows crypto holders to obtain top-tier NFTs with unbelievable discounts through its proprietary collateralization and loan mechanism.

Purchase your first BAYC at reduced price: What is NPics’s NBP?

NPics protocol is the latest attempt to build a feature-rich newbie-friendly Web3 protocol at the intersection of the DeFi and NFT segments.

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Its key financial element - The NBP (NFT Backed Position) Protocol - is set to meld the opportunities unlocked by NFT leveraged trading (which works not unlike trading with leverage on the crypto and FX markets) and collateralized debt positioning - a noncustodial, democratic and inclusive loan mechanism.

Through its proprietary smart contracts mechanism, NPics streamlines the process of purchasing NFTs with borrowed money. Namely, it facilitates the execution of a four-step procedure (Flash Loan - NFT Purchase - Pledged Lending - Flash Repayment) in a single smart contract.

That being said, every crypto user can obtain a flash loan without any collateral, choose the most lucrative order on leading marketplaces (including the likes of OpenSea, Looksrare and X2Y2: NPics broadcasts them to its NFT Aggregate Trading module), purchase an NFT and then repay the loan.

NPics Vaults mechanism, in turn, allows the creation of NEO-NFTs that "mirror" pledged non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users can always redeem pledged NFTs as well as destroy and transfer the NEO-NFT through the Vaults ecosystem.

To protect all participants of its ecosystem from volatility of crypto markets and allow investors to hedge against market instability, NPics introduced the Health Scoring system. The protocol analyzes the "health" of every debt and informs borrowers when they need to repay it (even just a portion).

When "Health Factor" drops below 1, a user has a 48-hour window to start repaying the loan. If he/she fails to deposit crypto to a loan contract, his/her position is liquidated. Such a balanced, flexible and forgiving system creates a comfortable technical context for crypto newbies and professionals interested in leveraged NFT trading.

NPics TURBOS collectibles are now available to NFT fans and commissioners

To introduce the protocol to a global Web3 community, the NPics team releases TURBOS, a collection of unique NFTs randomly created by AI-powered algorithms on theEthereum (ETH) network. The algorithms create new collectibles, combining various NFT elements.

In all, the NPics team is going to release 10,000 TURBOS NFTs (5,000 BULL NFTs and 5,000 BEAR NFTs). All collectibles will be exclusively available to early supporters and contributors to the protocol; one Ethereum (ETH) address can claim only one NFT in the TURBOS drop.

NPics representatives highlighted that this release is set to be a symbol of NFT disruption and synergy that changes the game in Web3 creativity and ownership:

TURBOS represents primarily the unified synergy of non-fungible asset investors in the development of the NFT ecosystem, as well as a way to spread digital cultures and to bridge between different cultures and values.

NPics DAO and native NFT marketplace to be unveiled in coming months

NPics is going to develop a full-stack infrastructure designed for NFT integration into DeFi concepts. Namely, its engineers are heads down at the moment, building  an NFT hedging tool: a fragmentation-based protocol that would allow people to lock in the current value of an NFT without selling it.

The NFT hedging protocol will be launched as soon as Q4, 2022, as part of the hotly anticipated NPics v2.0 release. Also, in Q4, 2022, the protocol’s team will introduce a mechanism of DAO governance.

In early 2023 (Q1-Q2), NPics v3.0 is set to launch with Panorama NFTs marketplace. This cutting-edge marketplace will allow crypto holders to experiment with NFT spot and derivatives trading.

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