Hacked CoinsCheck Users Approach Court to File Lawsuit Against the Exchange

Tue, 02/13/2018 - 10:59
Alex Dovbnya
The recent hack of exchange CoinsCheck has sparked a number of users to approach the courts to sue
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At the end of January, CoinsCheck exchange in Japan admitted that over $400 mln had been stolen, mostly in the currency NEM. Since then, the fall out has intensified as users who have been shook by the hack are currently lining up a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court.

It has been reported that 10 users are involved in preparing the lawsuit with Hiromu Mochizuki, their legal representative who has been tweeting about the proceedings.

Frozen assets

Following the heist, CoinsCheck were forced to freeze transactions which resulted in a large portion of funds being withheld from the users. Now, the suit is aimed at forcing Coinscheck to release funds in order to allow the user to remove them from the compromised exchange.

The word form CoinsCheck is that they are waiting to complete: “the technical safety confirmation with the cooperation of external experts.”

Since making this announcement, it appears that CoinsCheck has started to allow the withdrawal of Japanese Yen from the exchange. This was confirmed by Mochizuki in a tweet.

Still moving forward with legal claims

In the same tweet, the representative for the CoinsCheck users outlined that since they had started releasing funds, the lawsuit would be changed, dropping one of the four charges.

However, they maintain three legal claims against the exchange and would be going forward with them.


Making reparations

In the wake of the hack, CoinsCheck did outline their plans to make reparations to the affected customers.

They stated that they vow to:

“discover the root cause of the breach, safeguard our customers, and [take] more effective measures for system risk management and prevention of similar events in the future.”

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