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Tue, 05/15/2018 - 13:41
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    Dash has proven to be a strong player on the cryptocurrency market partly because of its amazing community.

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Improving Usability with an App & API

In order to make Dash transactions as simple as possible, the team of developers came up with a prototype of independent and decentralized software called Dash Evolution. The goal of Dash Evolution is to make payments accessible for those who may find it hard dealing with cryptographic addresses, plumbing and so on. With an easy-to-use app that barely requires a few clicks the cryptocurrency can be used for ordinary payment needs by all kinds of demographics.

Moreover, Dash Evolution is supposed to be a multi-platform software, so payments can be sent from basically any device. There will be no need to come in contact with blockchain client for making ordinary payments. Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash, hasn’t announced the exact day when this software is going to appear on the market, but he promises that Dash Evolution will be available by the fourth quarter of 2018.



Dash has proven to be a strong player on the cryptocurrency market partly because of its amazing community. Due to the implementation of decentralized system of governing, Dash has managed to significantly improve its two-level system of nodes. As of 2018, Dash continues to grow earning the status of the most promising alternative cryptocurrency and attracting new investors.

With its emphasis on privacy, extremely fast transaction, decentralized system of governing and a system of incentives it can surely compete with Bitcoin and other major currencies. At the same time Dash Evolution software is poised to be a huge step towards extending the usability of cryptocurrencies.

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