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GensoKishi Online Introduces Novel Game at Intersection of Metaverse and “Play-to-Earn”

Wed, 12/22/2021 - 12:03
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Vladislav Sopov
GensoKishi Online introduces iconic 2012 online game to segments of Web3 and “play-to-earn”
GensoKishi Online Introduces Novel Game at Intersection of Metaverse and “Play-to-Earn”
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GensoKishi Online, a novel metaverse-themed game, releases an amazing blockchain-centric version of GENSO KISHI. Why is this release crucial for the GameFi and play-to-earn segments?

One product, three concepts: GensoKishi Online unites free-to-play, play-to-earn and UGC-to-earn

Introduced in 2021, GensoKishi Online is a blockchain-based decentralized gaming ecosystem based on the plot of the legendary eponymous 2012 game. Ten years ago, it  was awarded the Game of the Year Gold Award in Taiwan as it amassed more than eight million players.

At its core, GensoKishi Online (distributed in Japan as Elemental Knights Online) is a 3D MMORPG. Not unlike all AAA-level online RPGs, it allows players to obtain and grow their characters and participate in battles, tournaments, challenges and contests. Players can enjoy this immersive experience in both single- and multi-player modes.

Its online map is really big compared to that of competitors, while players can choose between 10,000 elements of special-looking equipment.

Besides the “Free Play” mode, GensoKishi Online players can participate in “play-to-earn” initiatives. All in-game NFTs (unique labels, tournament prizes and so on) are tradeable: winners can offer them on mainstream EVM-compatible digital collectibles marketplaces.

Last but not least, GensoKishi Online pioneers the “UGC-to-earn” concept. “UGC” (user-generated content) is a building block of Web3 ideology. It refers to a practice in which users can generate images, characters or other sorts of content while interacting with digital platforms.

In GensoKishi Online, players can create, store, trade and exchange their own non-fungible tokens while earning from their secondary sales and royalties.

Multi-token design supercharges GensoKishi Online tokenomics

Besides NFTs, GensoKishi Online leverages native cryptocurrencies, i.e., Metaverse Token (MV) and Rond Token (ROND), issued on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain (former Matic Network), which is one of the fastest and most resource-efficient smart contracts platforms.

MV token will be listed on Dec. 21 on Uniswap, QuickSwap and PancakeSwap while, in Q1, 2022, the token will appear on Sushiswap, PolkaStarter, Curve Finance, TrustPad and ChainBoost.

In Q4, 2022, ROND token will also be listed on leading decentralized exchanges Uniswap, QuickSwap and Sushiswap.

MV token will be a utility and governance asset of GensoKishi Online platform. It will be used in all in-game referendums to allow holders to vote on crucial updates to gaming mechanisms. MV token can be staked to receive periodic rewards in ROND.

Owning a certain amount of MV will open up the opportunity to participate in alpha and beta testnets to GensoKishi Online enthusiasts. Its holders will also be able to create their own maps and monsters within the game.

All in-game equipment is available for MV holders at significant discounts.

Partnerships and roadmap

Besides listing its tokens, GensoKishi Online will address numerous ambitious milestones in 2022. In late 2021, the creators of the game launched Telegram and Twitter channels to grow the community of gamers.

On Jan. 15, 2022, the team is going to organize its inaugural Fashionable Equipment NFT Auction. A closed alpha testnet is set to kick off in May 2022.

On June 15, 2022, the “early birds” will be allowed to experiment with GensoKishi Online in beta testnet. The official release of the game’s mainnet is scheduled for Aug. 15, 2021.

In order to smash through these ambitious milestones, GensoKishi Online has entered into a partnership with Polygon and leading  decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform Trustpad

With this partnership with Trustpad, Gensokishi Online will also receive the full support of the DeFi Launchpad Association.

Gensokishi Online was planning to list its MV token on the DEX (Uniswap and Quickswap) on December 23. After discussions with Launchpad partners, Gensokishi Online decided that it is best to postpone the listing on DEX in order to take full advantage of the marketing, awareness, and new player growth that this collaboration will bring.

GensoKishi Online community tracks the progress of the product through its accounts in Discord and Twitter. Also, the latest updates and milestones can be discussed in English and Chinese communities in Telegram Messenger.

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