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The Future of Blockchain Conference 2018 is a training and speaking event that brings together blockchain leaders from around the world to share their knowledge, insights and experience.  Programming suited for any level – beginner to advanced.  Now is the time to learn about blockchain technology and it’s many use cases. Discover why people from around the globe are attending for engaging seminars, live demos, commanding keynotes, hands on workshops and face-to-face networking.

Dallas-Frisco Conference Center 7600 John Q Hammons Drive Frisco, TX 75034
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  • Dr. Ramesh Ramadoss, Co-chair of the IEEE Blockchain Initiative and chair of the IEEE Blockchain Standards Working Group, CEO of BitCasas Inc.
  • Ven Kumar, Chief technology officer of IBM for the company’s Pepsico account, who will discuss IBM’s supply chain blockchain solutions
  • Dr. Ephraim Feig , Author of over 100 publications including "A Framework for Blockchain-Based Applications”
  • Ann Greenberg, Founder of Entertainment AI™ a blockchain company at the nexus of AI, Blockchain and media, and cofounder of entertainment data company Gracenote (licensees include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Mercedes, Ford, Honda, and BMW)
  • Hyong S. Kim, Cofounder and CEO of Switzerland-based Emoji Games, who has claim to Switzerland’s first officially approved blockchain gaming platform with Pocketarena.com
  • Monique Morrow, A member of the IEEE executive committee on AI & Ethics and cofounder of the Humanized Internet, an organization focused on providing digital identity for refugees using DLT
  • Jon West, VP Blockchain Engineering, Thomson Reuters. Jon also co-chairs the Tech Titans Blockchain Forum and the Accounting Blockchain Coalition's Tax Working Group
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