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Thailand Crypto Expo 2022


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  • Dates:
    Thu, 10/06/2022 - Sun, 10/09/2022
Thailand Crypto Expo 2022
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“Seize the chance to interact with crypto industry aficionados from across the world and broaden your awareness of crypto-based enterprises by thoroughly comprehending digital assets and blockchain technology”


Date: 6-9 October 2022

Venue: Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre (QSNCC), Bangkok, Thailand.


The trendiest themes and emerging ideas throughout the world right now include blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, metaverse, non-fungible tokens, digital assets, etc. It's crucial to comprehend these ideas and the most recent technical advancements to maximize your results.

The biggest cryptocurrency expo in Southeast Asia will debut on October 6–9, 2022, in Thailand, according to M Vision PCL. This expo aims to shed light on the following:

o   Offer in-depth understanding of digital assets, blockchain technology, and how these components interact in the cryptocurrency industry.

o   Assist people, groups, and investors in connecting with crypto specialists and service providers in search of fresh investment prospects.

o   Establish a unique, perfect platform where people can learn more about how blockchain technology will benefit them in the future and build their businesses.

o   Hear from and connect with C-Level executives, professionals, and influencers in the crypto-sphere globally.

The global adoption of blockchain technology will eventually have a significant impact on every sector of business and industry. Therefore, firms must learn how they will use blockchain to maximize their business and investment potential.

The Thailand Crypto Expo event will also feature unique crypto zones, including:

Exchange Zone - Through regulated trading markets for digital assets, both internationally and in Thailand, this zone will let investors access new investment opportunities.

Investor Zone - In this zone, you will get knowledge and understanding about crypto funds. Connect with exclusive and trending advisors from the regulated parties in Thailand, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Conference Zone - To learn the correct information about the crypto sector from professionals, thought leaders, C-Level executives, etc.

Metaverse & GameFi Zone - Learn more about cutting-edge ideas, like Metaverse, to broaden your experience. Meet the most recent project managers and get an understanding of cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, big data analytics, etc.

NFT & Creator Zone - Meet 3D artists and makers from the NFT creative spaces who are thriving globally with their skills and abilities.

More than 700,000 attendees, 400+ exhibitors, 150+ journalists and media partners, 150+ specialized speakers, and >90% C-Level Executives, Experts, and Founders from around the world will present the best blockchain-crypto key facts and solutions on forming up the crypto industry as well as the Metaverse.

Learn about the cryptocurrency sector and how it is easing the process of marketing digital assets and the metaverse by attending the event for free for all four days. By accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and fostering activity inside the metaverse network, blockchain technology aids in preserving a competitive advantage.

Book your calendar! on 6-9 October 2022

Seize the chance to take part and learn the essentials of understanding how blockchain technology operates and how it may stimulate the ecosystem and its operations to grow the cryptocurrency sector.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to network with crypto enthusiasts from across the world and top experts on the latest blockchain initiatives. In the cryptocurrency arena, we are also holding conferences, workshops, and seminars on non-fungible tokens, blockchain-related products, games, etc.

Feel free to participate in this event if you have never been to one before and don't know anything about blockchain or cryptocurrency. We encourage you to do so to better understand the following:

o   Digital Assets and other crypto-related industry knowledge from scratch.

o   How to securely invest in cryptocurrency.

o   How to own your digital assets, NFTs, etc.

o   You are meeting the leading start-ups and approaching them for crowdfunding for your crypto business.

o   How to create your metaverse tokens.

o   Availing the opportunities to promote and invest in foreign direct investment in the country.

o   Creating an exclusive platform for the blockchain ecosystem.

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