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CryptoLinks Introduces One-Stop Dashboard for Crypto Segment

Tue, 16/03/2021 - 13:06
CryptoLinks Introduces One-Stop Dashboard for Crypto Segment
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CryptoLinks is a unique informational dashboard that indexes all the best cryptocurrency and blockchain websites across the globe. It is curated by Nate Urbas, early Bitcoin (BTC) proponent, who bought 36 orange coins at $0.96 in 2011.

CryptoLinks Introduces a dashboard for crypto segment
Image via CryptoLinks

Since 2011, the blockchain and crypto sectors have gained impressive traction and are striving to become an integral part of the global financial ecosystem. Thus, without reliable sources of information, understanding the crucial processes becomes really tricky.

CryptoLinks: Basics

CryptoLinks is a catalog (actually, a catalog of catalogs) of the most interesting and trustworthy websites related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain spheres. His creator, Nate Urbas, stresses that his collection is updated constantly:

The cryptocurrency scene is just barely ten years old. This means new businesses and products are popping up regularly. I am an industry practitioner and expert who not only use these tools for their professions but also regularly attend industry conferences. If a new tool comes on to the scene, I will hear about it and put it into our directory if it provides value.

At press time, CryptoLinks has 44 categories that cover every aspect of Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain innovation: crypto trading, mining, staking and, of course, crypto-focused media outlets.

Every resource listed by CryptoLinks is followed by a brief description and important “Pros and Cons” module. Thus, crypto enthusiasts can save their time instead of reading many reviews.

CryptoLinks reveals Pros and Cons for every project listed
Image via CryptoLinks

Since its inception, the CryptoLinks portal is 100 percent free: it charges neither for usage, nor for listing. That allows Cryptolinks to keep its industry review unbiased. Also, it is entirely advertisement free.

CryptoLinks for newcomers: Obtaining your first crypto

According to Mr. Urbas, crypto newbies are among the core groups of CryptoLinks’ target audience. Therefore, many of its sections will be useful for newcomers to advance their understanding of digital assets’ market processes.

To purchase their first digital assets, crypto newbies can look through the “Coin Dealer Near Me,” “0.01 BTC to USD” and “Coin Cards” sections. The “Coin Dealer Near Me” ranking indexes best peer-to-peer platforms when Bitcoin (BTC) and major altcoins are traded between users with no third-party interaction.

The “0.01 BTC to USD” section displays basic instruments to purchase small amounts of crypto from exchanges with low fees. “Coin Cards” has similar functionality; meanwhile, it also indexes card payment systems with crypto-related payment methods.

The prices of Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins can be tracked easily with the services indexed by the “Cryptocurrency Charts” section of Cryptolinks.

Since the vast majority of popular wallets have mobile versions, the “iOS crypto wallet” and “Android Wallet App” sections will be of particular importance to crypto newbies.

CryptoLinks for enthusiasts: Browsing crypto news feeds

The booming industry of crypto media outlets may confuse even the experienced trader and crypto holder with its range of thousands of websites, blogs and social media platforms. The following sections of CryptoLinks come to the rescue: “Bitcoin News,” “Best News Aggregator Sites” and “Crypto Magazines” for advocates of crypto journalism, and “Bitcoin Forums,” “Reddit Cryptocurrency,” “Cryptocurrency Discord,” “Bitcoin Documentary” and “Bitcoin YouTube” for fans of social media.


The “Bitcoin News” section indexes almost 50 websites that daily cover not only Bitcoin (BTC), but also altcoins, stablecoins, NFTs and so on. Users can find a website that suits their interests better or is, perhaps, focused on their region. The main types of website content here include crypto news, price predictions, product and project reviews, opinions, “how-tos,” tutorials and manuals.

The “Best News Aggregator Sites” section displays a list of very special services, namely blockchain and cryptocurrency news aggregators. Such services include browsing through the headlines and news URLs across major crypto news outlets to figure out which texts are trending, interesting, “most saved” or bullish or bearish on this or that cryptocurrency.

“Crypto Magazines” websites address the segment of longreads, in-depth analytical publications, essays on crypto philosophy and so on. Thus, those interested in high-level “crypto prose” should not overlook this section of CryptoLinks.


Forums, imageboards and chats have always played a special role in the progress of the blockchain scene. For many years, well before the launch of the now popular crypto media, the most interesting things began on the Bitcointalk forum, the “holy grail” of old Bitcoiners.

As a result, to keep the evolution of the blockchain and crypto spheres at one’s fingertips, even experienced crypto holders should be informed about what is going on in crypto forums.

Besides Bitcointalk, CryptoLinks prepared a catalog of the best crypto-focused modules (“subreddits”) on Reddit, the top American forum. The top three to start with are r/Bitcoin, r/Cryptocurrency and r/Ethereum. Redditors use special language, so it is better to ignore chatterboxes, toxic maximalists and trolls.

“Cryptocurrency Discord” observes the best Discord rooms for crypto products. Blockchain developers and software engineers can chat there directly with the technical specialists of crypto products they are interested in. Normally, it is the fastest way to reach the representatives of crypto products.

“Bitcoin Documentary” catalog indexes rare types of non-fiction movies that display the early days of Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain technology. Watching movies from this catalog can better explain the pivotal points for decentralization and Web 3.0 tech.

Should you search for the “light version” of Bitcoin and blockchain video content, the “Bitcoin YouTube” catalog may be the best starting point for your journey. While crypto YouTubers produce really fancy and captivating content, the crypto beginner should be very cautious about their analysis of coins - in particular, early-stage altcoins. “Do your own research” is the best motto for every fan of Crypto YouTube.

CryptoLinks for traders: Find the best way to exchange your riches

Once the crypto tokens are obtained and stored on the user's wallet, it is reasonable to find the best offers for exchanging them. CryptoLink’s first catalog, “Cryptocurrency Exchanges” features the most visited and most liquid centralized exchanges when every crypto token can be exchanged.

In addition, the most popular storage and exchange methods can be found in the “Best Bitcoin Wallets” and “Best Altcoin Wallets” lists. The “Best Altcoin Exchanges” list displays the most sought-after exchanges focused on altcoin trading.

When crypto holders find themselves more or less familiar with the basics of the crypto segment, they may try digital assets trading with leverage. It includes trading funds borrowed from the platform. The “Bitcoin Margin Trading” and “Bitcoin CFDs” sections list in aggregate the most reliable and easy-to-use methods to trade with a margin.

Bitcoin (BTC) trading bots, i.e. the automated AI-powered systems of trading strategy optimization can help in trading. Thus, CryptoLinks added a “Crypto Trading Bots” section that includes bots for top exchanges and major currencies.

CryptoLinks for miners: Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Mining 101

Cryptocurrency mining should be referred to as a process of verification of transactions by appending them to the blockchain. For participating in this process, specific for proof of work (PoW) blockchains (like Bitcoin and Ethereum), cryptocurrency miners receive periodic payouts.

In the “Cryptocurrency Mining” and “Mining Pools” catalogs, the top mining entities are displayed. Thus, CryptoLinks visitors are able to check them out and join the operations of the most suitable one.

In the “Bitcoin Mining Software” section, crypto mining enthusiasts can find the most up-to-date version of the software for mining computers to ensure the highest efficiency of mining.

CryptoLinks for professionals: B2B sections

For those actors in the crypto segment whose hobby evolved into a full-time job or business, CryptoLinks also has special catalogs. For instance, in the “Cryptocurrency Accounting” section, top-tier resources on Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto taxation can be found.

The “Coin Payments” catalog indexes the payment systems that allow merchants to add major cryptocurrencies as payment methods for goods and services. While in many regions it is still prohibited legally, some developed states are on track to adopt these instruments.

Finally, the “Crypto Web Hosting” list displays the most crypto-friendly hosting operators for blockchain-focused websites. Typically, they accept crypto as a payment tool as well.

Bottom line

CryptoLinks is a reliable and highly informative dashboard that indexes valuable crypto and blockchain resources. It is suitable for crypto enthusiasts with various levels of expertise.

Its catalogs index crypto media outlets, exchanges, wallets, analytical resources, websites for miners and spot and derivatives traders and crypto-friendly retailers.


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