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CryptoDragons NFT Project Introduces Its AI-Generated Collections: Details

Wed, 3/11/2021 - 18:40
CryptoDragons NFT Project Introduces Its AI-Generated Collections: Details
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Based on Ethereum, the oldest smart contracts platform, the CryptoDragons NFT project is going to be a game-changer on the digital collectibles scene.

Introducing CryptoDragons, a novel NFT metaverse

CryptoDragons is an integral product that addresses the red-hot segment of non-fungible tokens. At its core, it is a multi-character project  where players are able to breed, collect, fight and earn on dragons.

CryptoDragons NFT Ecosystem Introduces Its AI-Generated Collections
Image by CryptoDragons

As CryptoDragons empowers its customers with the ability to earn “real” money with their skills in decentralized gaming, Its architecture of one-of-a-kind (“probably unique”) digital assets includes different elements, i.e., the purpose-written Kassis language, the Legend, the blockchain DNA and a battling arena for multiplayer tournaments and challenges.

Renowned Ethereum (ETH) developer Michael stresses that the gaming design of CryptoDragons allows every player to go through various phases of progress of his/her items:

First, there will be Eggs - dragon eggs. Graphically, these Eggs are AI-generated, with an exclusive genome, with the Common, Epic, and Legendary Dragons inside. This classification is for a reason, as a certain type of dragon will be earning-generating. That is, their owners will earn just by keeping their exclusive NFTs.

Here’s how you can unveil CryptoDragons DNA

CryptoDragons developers implemented a special class of dragons for earning activity, the so-called “Legendaries.” Their owners will receive 50% of the platform’s fees raised for breeding dragons of other classes.

Legendaries can be either hatched from eggs or bred. The first option is the best one, as stated by the product’s team.

What is special about the CryptoDragons offering is its unique DNA developed by AI-powered tools. Building one NFT dragon takes a total of 12,000 attributes, 25 genes and 16 variations on each gene.

On top of that, there are 30 variations of colors for every element. As such, the aggregated number of dragons in this metaverse is one of the largest in the entire segment.

Participating in battles is another way for CryptoDragons enthusiasts to earn. For dragon wrestling championships, its devs deployed a purpose-made “Battles Arena.” The winner of the tournament takes either the defeated opponent or the agreed-upon amount of Ethers.

The strength characteristics of every dragon in this metaverse are associated with its genome. As such, the battles and tournament ensure a truly amazing experience for both crypto newbies and professional gamers.


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