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Cook Finance dApp Goes Live in Rinkeby Ethereum Testnet

Mon, 17/05/2021 - 14:02
Cook Finance dApp Goes Live in Rinkeby Ethereum Testnet
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Cook Finance, popular decentralized asset management platform, shares the details of its testnet. It goes live in Ethereum's sandbox environment Rinkeby.

Cook Finance goes live in testnet

Today, May 17, 2021, decentralized financial protocol Cook Finance releases the testnet version of its application. It utilizes the smart contracts of the oldest Ethereum (ETH) network testing environment, Rinkeby.

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The project team invites all Cook Finance enthusiasts to give its testnet a try and share their feedback. All reviews will be considered while preparing Cook Finance for its Columbus mainnet launch.

Cook Finance dApp pioneers the segment of cross-chain decentralized financial protocols tailored to massive adoption. Its team is tasked with building a fully transparent, decentralized and powerful platform.

Adrian Peng, the CEO of Cook Finance, emphasized that the mainnet release of the protocol is right around the corner, so that team would be grateful for reviews from the community:

We have come a long way, but one thing that has always been a priority for us is to be thorough in every step and every process. We do not want to rush anything and miss out on critical details and functionalities of the DApp. After careful planning, we are finally ready for the Testnet launch, which is a major step forward for us. This is an exciting time that will help us better understand how users interact with the platform and what parts of the UI we can improve in the future.

Community feedback is required for Columbus mainnet release

With this testnet, DeFi enthusiasts will be able to experiment with the user interface of Cook Finance in "more dynamic conditions."


Two months ago, Cook Protocol secured significant funding from OKEx-backed Block Dream venture fund.

Also, its team partnered with Bondly marketplace to release a series of unique manga-themed NFTs.


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