BTC Price Prediction: Bitcoin Is to Hit Another $995,000 for McAfee’s Prediction to Come True

BTC Price Prediction: Bitcoin Is to Hit Another $995,000 for McAfee’s Prediction to Come True

The world has been positively shocked by Bitcoin’s recent spikes: one day ago, it touched the $4,500 mark. Today, it has crossed the $5,000 border. What’s next? Let’s read Bitcoin price predictions from Twitter.

Now that Bitcoin is going up the stairs, let’s remember one infamous prediction:

And now that the market is under the bullish wave again, it's easy to believe that BTC will reach the new highest high (in December 2017, it was close to $20,000).

Here’s what McAfee thinks himself:

So, what’s next?

There are new price targets ahead:

Most traders provide very positive, bullish predictions:

Apparently, $6,000 is our next price target:

In the longer term, numbers might seem even more enticing:

Some users, however, claim that BTC has its limit, which might affect its value on the market:

By the way, if you’re interested in whether BTC will reach $50,000 this year, read this post:

Traders have all eyes on Bitcoin’s price. It finally seems to be making the impossible happen, and the crypto winter is over. Most likely, BTC will crawl to $6,000, but after that, we could see a minor nosedive. Will McAfee’s prediction come true? It doesn’t seem to be likely now, but at least we have a chance to witness BTC reaching its previous highest high of $20K this year.

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