BitTorrent’s Top Employees Leave After TRON’s Takeover Not Trusting Further Strategy

Tue, 08/21/2018 - 09:42
Yuri Molchan
BitTorrent staff members quit following the TRON merge
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It has been reported that following the BitTorrent acquisition by Tron, at least five employees have left. Three of them did so on their own will, the other two were sacked. It is unknown so far if anyone else has left the P2P file-sharing service.

The future with Tron is uncertain

Reportedly, the workers who left were in doubt regarding the direction the company would take after merging with the cryptocurrency giant. It seems they were not happy with Justin Sun’s leadership and his further strategy. Two of the persons who quit were part of the top-management team– the chief of marketing and the general manager.

Apparently, several other senior managers at BitTorrent are on 18-month contracts, otherwise, the number of self-resigned would have been higher. Among such employees are the CEO, chief product officer and other similar high position staff. They are forbidden to quit their jobs until their contracts are over.


Tron’s current strategy

Justin Sun founded Tron in 2017, collecting about $70 mln during the ICO. The company intends to make the Internet decentralized and it has recently acquired the BitTorrent platform (after having to turn to court) to achieve its goals.

In 2017, Ton received accusations of being unable to properly attribute the code it had built into its platform. Besides, the company leaders were claimed to have made Tron’s whitepaper by plagiarizing it.

When Sun was acquiring BitTorrent, he was intending to ‘switch’ its user-base (100 mln monthly active users) to the Tron platform to utilize them for Tron’s purposes.

Others believe that the purchase was made to give Tron some credibility– something it has been lacking after the accusations put forward against it last year.


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