Bitcoin’s Market Cap Could Slump to $77 Bln by Year End According to ‘Metcalfe’s Law’

Darryn Pollock
Swiss researchers using ‘Metcalfe’s Law’ predict that Bitcoin’s market cap still has a way to go down
Bitcoin’s Market Cap Could Slump to $77 Bln by Year End According to ‘Metcalfe’s Law’
Cover image via U.Today


Swiss researchers have identified that the slowing of Bitcoin’s growth in terms of market capitalization could indicate that it has a long way to drop still before the end of the year. By using Metcalfe’s law, which states a network is proportional to the square of the number of users of the system.

According to the researchers, Bitcoin’s market capitalization could go down to as low as $77 bln by the end of the year. Currently, Bitcoin’s capitalization is at around $118 bln, so, if this was to come to fruition, it would indicate a $41 bln decline or 35 percent.

"Looking forward, our analysis identifies a substantial but not unprecedented overvaluation in Bitcoin price, suggesting many months of volatile sideways Bitcoin prices ahead," the Swiss researchers said.


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