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Bitcoin Community and Adam Back Respond to Elon Musk's New Tweet

Mon, 10/07/2023 - 13:10
Bitcoin Community and Adam Back Respond to Elon Musk's New Tweet
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Famous British cryptographer and cypherpunk, early Bitcoin supporter and creator of Lightning Network Adam Back has responded to a recent tweet by Elon Musk, as have many other Bitcoiners. Aside from his other honorable titles, Back was just recently on the list of possible candidates to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious Bitcoin creator. However, he refuted rumors about being the Bitcoin creator.

They suggested a way to improve user data protection on the social media giant.

Bitcoin to help Twitter protect anonymous accounts

Twitter boss Elon Musk responded to a comment from a @SOClALRATE, who urged Twitter management to protect anonymous accounts; the text on the meme suggests that "anons" should be forced to put their real photos on their avatars so that their bosses can monitor what they say.

The tech billionaire, who spent $44 million buying Twitter last year, responded that Twitter "will protect anons for this reason particularly."

This was where Adam Back stepped in to suggest that Musk should implement Bitcoin payments for a gold verification tick via the Lightning Network.

Back stated that this would help users to "avoid payment doxxing." He "encouraged" Musk to implement BTC payments by saying "you know you want to. Just do it and stop messing around."

Many other Bitcoin users supported Back in their responses to Musk's tweet.

Major XRP Fan Says He Will Buy Tesla's Cybertruck After Elon Musk's New Tweet

XRP user offers to buy Cybertruck

As covered by U.Today earlier, major XRP-themed account @XRPcryptowolf jokingly tweeted that he would buy Tesla's Cybertruck as soon as Tesla starts accepting XRP. This was a response to Musk's tweet, where the innovator wrote that he had gone for a drive in a Cybertruck around Austin, Texas.

So far, Tesla and SpaceX accept only Elon Musk's favorite Dogecoin — since the start of 2022. In early 2021, the e-car producer began to accept Bitcoin payments, but that did not last long.

Elon Musk reversed BTC payments for Tesla cars, as he was concerned with the heavy environmental impact of Bitcoin mining. He stated that the company would resume selling cars for BTC as soon as mining becomes at least 50% renewable.

Tesla also put over a billion USD worth of BTC on its balance sheet but then gradually sold it.

It is the crypto community's dream that Tesla begin accepting crypto, such as Bitcoin and DOGE (for cars, not only merchandise, as is the case now), as this would make a massive use case for crypto and give it a gargantuan adoption boost.


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