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Award-Winning Crypto Exchange BitMart Offers Premium Trading, Earn, and NFT Experience: Review

Mon, 1/07/2024 - 6:27
Award-Winning Crypto Exchange BitMart Offers Premium Trading, Earn, and NFT Experience: Review
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Launched in March 2018, BitMart is among the most reputable and feature-rich centralized crypto exchanges globally. In recent years, it implemented a number of upgrades to evolve into a one-stop Web3 ecosystem for newcomers and pros.

One-Stop platform for Crypto Traders and NFT Fans: Bitmart at a Glance

BitMart, a multi-blockchain global cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem, merges the benefits of a trading platform, an IEO launchpad, an NFT marketplace and an earning platform.

  • BitMart is primarily known as a global centralized cryptocurrency exchange supporting 1,500+ cryptocurrencies in spot and futures sections.
  • BitMart runs a native NFT marketplace to ensure seamless and cost-efficient digital collectibles trading.
  • In 2021, BitMart released a native launchpad for initial exchange offerings (IEOs) to make access to early-stage investing opportunities more inclusive and democratic.
  • The BitMart Earn section unlocks newbie-friendly passive income opportunities for holders interested in generating yield on their dormant crypto assets.
  • BitMart Labs, an exchange venture capital (VC) unit, participated in several seed and strategic funding campaigns, backing DeFi, NFT, and Play-to-Earn startups in their fundraising efforts.

Accompanied by enhanced security measures, a stellar reputation, and a reliable fiat gateway, these tools did not go unnoticed by the global crypto community as BitMart received dozens of Web3 awards and special prizes.

What is a Crypto Ecosystem?

A crypto ecosystem refers to a combination of various cryptocurrency-related services within a single interface. The concept of a cryptocurrency ecosystem started gaining traction in 2018-2019 step by step together with the maturation of crypto markets in terms of tech developments, UX/UI, security and a number of opportunities for making profit on-chain.

Typically, cryptocurrency ecosystems include various modules but only require users to pass “know-your-customer” (KYC) checks once; they also allow users to sign in with a single set of credentials.

Largely, cryptocurrency ecosystems rely on a trading dashboard as a core element of its tech design. Simply put, they are crypto exchanges (spot and futures) with a variety of additional multi-purpose services. Some of them have extra modules promoted as “Web3” or “decentralized” wallets or exchanges without being 100% on-chain.

Why is Choosing a Crypto Ecosystem a Smart Bet?

While some cryptocurrency enthusiasts are seeking fully non-custodial services (interfaces) like Uniswap (UNI) or Aave Finance (AAVE), the majority of digital asset owners use cryptocurrency ecosystems for a couple of reasons.

  1. Newbie-friendly UX/UI: The largest crypto ecosystems are the most newcomer-friendly products, offering accessible and understandable interfaces.
  2. One Interface, Many Opportunities: Users of crypto ecosystems do not need to switch between various applications during their crypto journey.
  3. No Liquidity Fragmentation. Just like with the previous case, using one ecosystem for all operations allows concentrating liquidity and choosing more profitable strategies of its usage.
  4. You Only Share Your Data Once: With a crypto ecosystem, you do not need to upload your documents or disclose sensitive information to multiple services, thus reducing the possibility and potential effects of a data leak.

Simply put, using a crypto ecosystem instead of a “classic” isolated service is a far more convenient and resource-efficient option.

How to Select the Right Crypto Ecosystem for Trading, NFTs, and Passive Income

Before choosing a one-stop crypto ecosystem, here are some aspects to consider:

  1. Reputation. It is necessary to check the story of the service and its team to find out whether it was hacked, involved in rug pulls, malicious activity and so on.
  2. Features. Before joining a crypto ecosystem, you need to know the list of services you might need: It’s beneficial to have them all in one place.
  3. Range of blockchains supported. In 2024, a proper exchange or crypto ecosystem should support both Bitcoin (BTC) and major alternative networks.
  4. Fiat channels. In order to start trading, you first need to top up the account with money: Be sure there is a hassle-free way to do this.
  5. Social media presence. Prior to starting using a crypto ecosystem, be sure to check out its social media channels.

These simple rules can protect crypto users from scams, attacks, phishing, data leaks and shady schemes.

Introducing BitMart, award-winning crypto exchange with earning, NFTs and investing modules

In 2024, BitMart represented a battle-tested cryptocurrency ecosystem designed for crypto traders with various strategies in Web3.

BitMart for Traders: Spot and Futures Sections

First of all, BitMart garnered attention and popularity as a reliable crypto exchange with futures and spot modules. As of printing time, its spot section offers operations with 1,400+ cryptocurrencies across various blockchains. Thanks to deep liquidity and advanced technology solutions, BitMart charges its customers with low fees.

Article image
Image by BitMart

In order to cater to various categories of users, the ecosystem provides the Standard Interface, which is simple and easy to use, and the Advanced Interface, which makes sophisticated trading tools accessible.

To ensure maximum accessibility, BitMart showcases available assets in 20 sections: U.S. dollar stablecoins, the largest cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, altcoins from Polkadot, Solana, Avalanche ecosystems, Play-to-Earn coins, meme coins and so on.

Article image
Image by BitMart

The BitMart futures section includes various opportunities for crypto derivatives trading. Users can choose between Cross Margin and Independent Margin trading. Multiple order types, including Limit Order and Market Order, are supported by the exchange.

BitMart Futures Trading provides a secure, high-speed platform with up to 100x leverage, supporting over 100 futures pairs and various order types, including 100+ USDT-margined perpetual swaps.

Trading dashboards by BitMart are integrated with reliable crypto-to-fiat on- and off-ramps. BitMart entered into strategic collaborations with MoonPay, Simplex, Banxa, Alchemy Pay and Legend Trading, offering diverse payment methods for easy buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in local currencies.

BitMart for NFT enthusiasts: Cutting-edge marketplace with inscriptions support

The BitMart NFT Marketplace is one of the latest additions to its product suite. It is a holistic all-in-one platform where users can create, purchase and trade premium non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offering a complete exchange experience for NFT creators, entrepreneurs, commissioners and other actors of the segment.

Article image
Image by BitMart


For those interested in inscriptions, a specific class of NFTs minted on top of non-programmable blockchains (networks that lack smart contract support), BitMart created the Inscriptions Market.

It works with a secure offline order book for better liquidity and more predictable trading. To highlight the value of each inscription, BitMart broadcasts its price in stablecoins.  BitMart Inscriptions Market offers low fees and 100% free internal transfers between accounts. As of late Q2, 2024, the service supports 40 various inscription tokens.

BitMart for Users: IEO Launchpad and Earning Section

As its own way of making crypto trading more inclusive and fair, BitMart created its native launchpad for initial exchange token offerings (IEOs).

The BitMart Launchpad should be referred to as a token launch acceleration platform designed for transformative projects, offering global users the chance to purchase IEO tokens at a discount. It provides an accessible opportunity for eligible users to participate easily. By default, IEO is considered a more democratic procedure compared to traditional VC funding and more secure than 2017-style ICOs.

BitMart Launchpad is fueled by BMX, the core native cryptocurrency of BitMart’s ecosystem. BMX is an ERC-20 token; its price all-time high was registered June 5, 2024, over $0.62.

In 2024, BitMart Launchpad hosted IEOs for Aperture Finance, Investive, JLT Token, Sensei Inu and Punk Sat projects, independent trackers say.

Also, BitMart has released a native earning platform. BitMart Earn is a versatile passive income service offering easy access to multiple earning options for cryptocurrencies, including flexible and fixed savings. BitMart Earn is accessible even for traders with no previous background in crypto.

Bonus: BitMart recognized with global Web3 and blockchain awards

For its contribution to global blockchain adoption and advancing the ecosystem of B2B products in Web3, the international community recognized BitMart by awarding multiple awards and prizes.

In the last two years, it scored dozens of awards in Web3 and blockchain. It was named World’s Top 200 Fintech Company by CNBC, a leading U.S. business media outlet. Also, it scored the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Global 2023 status by International Business Magazine and became the Most Trusted Trading Platform by Crypto 306. Investopedia, one of the world’s most visited portals on investing, put BitMart in the “Best for altcoins” section.

In 2022, it was mentioned in the Top 10 Centralized Exchanges list by CoinGecko for three quarters in a row. It also received a prestigious Hurun America Best Technology Innovations Award.

Wrapping up: What is special about BitMart in 2024?

To sum up, BitMart developed a one-stop cryptocurrency ecosystem for traders, NFT enthusiasts, traders, IEO fans and other categories of crypto segment actors. Under the hood, it is a conglomerate of secure and newbie-friendly services for income in crypto.

Spot and futures trading sections, an NFT marketplace, an IEO launchpad, BitMart Earn, a crypto-to-fiat channel are integral parts of its ecosystem backed by the native BMX token. The exchange is also running BitMart Labs, a successful VC unit.


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