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XRPL or Ethereum? Dev Compares Two Approaches to Programmability

Mon, 06/26/2023 - 15:10
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Vladislav Sopov
Independent XRP Ledger and Evernode developer Wo Jake explained one core difference between Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts and XRPL Hooks
XRPL or Ethereum? Dev Compares Two Approaches to Programmability
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Programmablity, i.e., the opportunity to support smart contracts and perform operations that require comptational power, can be achived in Ethereum (ETH) and XRP Ledger in different ways. Some aspects of XRPL's design pave the way for the flexibility and impressive performance of Hooks, a dev says.

Native features and token standards: Wo Jake explains difference between Ethereum's smart contracts and Hooks

XRP Ledger- and Ethereum-based software (Hooks and smart contracts respectively) are built differently. While Ethereum (ETH) became feature-rich thanks to "standards and cool stuff" built since its launch in 2015, XRP Ledger's design has a variety of features "natively."

This statement was shared by Wo Jake, independent developer of XRP Ledger and its flagship second layer solution Evernode. In his recent tweet he admitted that not many people actually understand the technical and business implications of XRP Ledger with Hooks.

Jake is also sure that the combination of the feature-rich core design of XRP Ledger, its Hooks functionality and L2 scaling tools unlocks marvelous opportunities in terms of both flexibility and leverage.

However, there are a lot of functions that are still waiting to be implemented into XRP Ledger's technical design:

We are the early builders, we have the chance to shape an entire network.

XRP token, a core native asset of XRP Ledger, is changing hands at $0.48 on major spot trading platforms. It lost 1.38% of its valuation in last 24 hours.

XRPL Hooks: Audit passed, what's next?

As covered by U.Today previously, XRPL Hooks, a simple smart contract for XRP Ledger, finally accomplished a major milestone this month.

On June 6, 2023, it was reported that cybersecurity firm FYEO completed the audit of XRPL Hooks' codebase with no major bugs disclosed.

XRPL Smart Contract Hooks Passed Third-Party Security Audit

Now, the discussion is gaining steam regarding the next phases of Hooks Amendment implementation in mainnet. Some seasoned XRP developers, including Scott Chamberlain, a co-founder of Evernode, are sure that it is better to activate this function on an isolated sidechain.

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