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XRP Bulls Hit Emergency Brake, But What's Reason?

Wed, 18/10/2023 - 1:00
XRP Bulls Hit Emergency Brake, But What's Reason?
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When news broke out about Loom joining hands with Atlassian, the excitement was palpable. A collaboration with such a major player in the team collaboration software space was a major boon for Loom. The deal, which was reportedly valued at a staggering $975 million, set the crypto market buzzing. Investors rushed to buy LOOM tokens, resulting in a 510% surge in its price. The uptrend was remarkable, and for a while, LOOM was the star of the show, outperforming other cryptocurrencies in the top 30 range.

Loom Chari
Source: TradingView

However, the chart tells a different story now. The initial euphoria seems to be fading, and the bullish rally is showing signs of exhaustion. The once sharp and consistent incline on the graph has gradually flattened and even started its descent, demonstrating the temporary nature of hype-driven rallies.

While partnerships and collaborations can provide an initial boost, they do not guarantee sustained growth. For a cryptocurrency to maintain its momentum, it needs a solid use case that can generate consistent demand and buying pressure. At present, LOOM seems to be lacking in this department.

Without a clear and compelling use case, it is unlikely that LOOM will be able to continue its upward trajectory. Investors are bound to realize that the collaboration with Atlassian, while significant, might not be enough to justify such a high token valuation. As a result, many might decide to cash in on their gains, leading to an increase in selling pressure.

Solana stays strong

In recent days, the cryptocurrency market has been awash with speculation and rumors surrounding a potential Bitcoin spot ETF. Despite this whisper turning out to be baseless, it led to some panic-selling and bearish sentiment across the board. However, amid this backdrop of uncertainty and market volatility, Solana (SOL) has demonstrated remarkable resilience and strength, standing out as a beacon of stability in turbulent waters.

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While other cryptocurrencies experienced significant pullbacks due to the ETF rumor, SOL has remained unfazed, successfully holding its ground and repelling the selling pressure. This bullish defiance is a testament to the robust fundamentals and burgeoning adoption of the Solana blockchain.

Additionally, the Solana network's recent advancements, coupled with its growing developer community, further validate its standing as one of the leading blockchain platforms today. This robust technical foundation acts as a pillar of support, making SOL less susceptible to market rumors and short-term sentiment shifts.

The crypto market, by its very nature, is susceptible to rumors, speculation and rapidly changing sentiment. In such an environment, the performance of SOL offers a reassuring narrative. It is a clear indication that informed investors are looking beyond the noise, focusing on long-term potential and solid technological underpinnings.

XRP's wild swings

The cryptocurrency market is no stranger to wild price swings, and the latest movement of XRP, a renowned cryptocurrency, showcases just that. After witnessing promising upward momentum, XRP's trajectory shifted dramatically, experiencing a 4% reversal since achieving yesterday's local high. Investors and market enthusiasts are naturally curious: what prompted this sudden pullback?

Upon closer examination of the XRP price chart, it is evident that the currency was on a robust upward journey before facing the unexpected downturn. The immediate question on everyone's mind is: why did the bullish momentum hit the brakes so suddenly?

The market was abuzz with talk that Bitcoin was on the verge of seeing a spot ETF approval, a move that would undoubtedly position BTC for massive gains. This speculation swiftly pushed BTC's price toward the $30,000 benchmark. Such an achievement would not only be a milestone for Bitcoin but would also have ripple effects, positively impacting the altcoin market.

However, as often happens in crypto, the euphoria was short-lived. As more information emerged, it was confirmed that the rumor was baseless. With no solid foundation for the claims of a Bitcoin spot ETF approval, BTC faced a sharp decline, dropping to $27,000.


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