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Verge Price Prediction 2018/19/20: Will XVG Surprise Us?

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Will Verge cryptocurrency reach $0.1 this year?
Verge Price Prediction 2018/19/20: Will XVG Surprise Us?

After being in the shadow of Bitcoin and other coins alike, Verge finally started making waves and attracted the attention of crypto traders from all over the world. Wonder whether it is a good option for investment? Let’s find out the Verge price prediction for the nearest future and decide whether the game is worth the candles.

What is Verge?

Verge cryptocurrency was initially invented in 2014 and initially called “Dogecoin Dark.” However, the name was changed to avoid association with crimes. Its creator, “Sunerok,” decided that Bitcoin doesn’t sustain proper anonymity, so he developed a Blockchain that would guarantee private fund transfer.  Verge hides everything: the owner of currency, historical transactions and account balances. Therefore, it’s best suited to tackle anonymous transactions.

Verge vs. altcoins
Comparison of Verge with other cryptocurrencies


Were the previous XVG predictions justified?

To get better insight, let’s learn about the history of the coin right from the start. The peculiar fact that Verge was launched without an Initial Coin Offering and even without pre-mining contributed to zero popularity of this project. Until 2016, the rebranding year, no one knew about Dogecoin Dark.

Some two years ago, XVG was worth $0.000005 per coin. After rebranding, the price raised to $0.00001, which is a 100 percent rise. The highest value of Verge in 2016 was $0.000227 per coin. In 2017, the price started growing slowly, and at the end of the year, it soared together with the other cryptocurrencies. It reached the height that hasn’t been repeated since then.

In November 2017, Verge coin prediction was as follows:

XVG Price prediction December 2017
Verge price prediction for the end of 2017

In three weeks of December, the cost of Verge sprang from $0.005 up to $0.14, which was an increase of 2,700 percent! However, in a week, it dropped down to $0.09. Apparently, Verge coin price predictions were too optimistic back then, but what happened truly amazed the investors.

Verge prediction 2018

Although Verge experienced a severe drop since January 2018, some investors are sure that it may rise by 100 percent and higher by the end of this year. So, what’s Verge price prediction 2018? According to market analysts, XVG is in the ‘bullish’ zone, which means investors believe in its potential, and their contribution makes the coin grow in price.

A good example is a tweet posted in March 2018. Verge claimed they would establish a “Mystery Partnership,” which actually was postponed, but made Verge rise quickly and even reach $0.11.

Here are some other versions of Verge coin price prediction 2018:

  • According to Coin Switch, XVG may rise to $0.0736 by the end of 2018, and in five years, it may even hit the benchmark of $0.2069.

  • Walletinvestor Verge coin 2018 forecast is around $0.0442 (within a year). The five-year prediction is $0.165.

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The last three months of 2018 promise to become interesting: Verge price can still grow considerably. First, Verge will establish a partnership with TokenPay (they will even release a debit to be funded with Verge). Secondly, Verge can become one of the first privacy coins to promote the smart contract technology. The team is tight-lipped about the creation of the proprietary Rootstock protocol, and if released successfully, it can trigger the XVG price considerably.

XVG price prediction 2019

According to, Verge will rise to $0.169428 in a year, which will add 1,100 percent to the current value. Verge coin price prediction on WalletInvestor is less optimistic: while users expect it to rise to $0.02, Facebook is more optimistic with its forecast $0.07. The website claims XVG will grow to $0.039 in a year. Coinfan website shows that the price can grow from $0.029 to $0.12.

Verge coin future price in 2020

In 2020, we can witness a significant growth of Verge price: according to Coinfan, it can grow from $0.1 to $0.45. WalletInvestor shows that Verge price will be around $0.06 in 2020. TradingBeasts has the same numbers.

Check out a video report about Verge forecast:

How much is Verge now?

With the market cap of $212 mln and a huge circulating supply of 15,172,086,051 coins, Verge sells for $0.01402. XVG is on the 41st place in the rating of world cryptocurrencies. It is present on different exchange platforms, so you can easily purchase some coins.

What may influence Verge cost?

Verge XVG price prediction will be defined by a whole range of factors. Let’s check how its cost can be impacted:

Factors that may drive its growth

Factors that may slow down its growth

Overall demand for private cryptocurrencies and XVG.

Competition. Verge is not the only private cryptocurrency. PIVX, Monero, Zcash, and other coins are its direct rivals.

Availability. Since Verge is present in many different exchange platforms, users have more chances to buy and sell it, which adds up to its value.

The potential for criminal activities. Since it’s a private coin, it can be used in the criminal sphere, which can potentially damage its reputation and slow down adoption rate.

Regulation opportunity. Optimal regulation will help Verge to overcome legal and tax barriers.

Too large supply. Overall XVG supply is 16,555,000,000 XVG, which is too much.

Future implementations and developments. Users bet that the Rootstock project can significantly promote Verge. The team is also working on the Wrath Protocol which will hide all details from the transaction.

It’s not fully developed. The technology at the foundation of Verge is still being developed, so it’s not clear what the future of Verge will be.

Adoption and acceptance. Verge is on its way to implementation in real life, which only increases demand for it. For example, recent news about Verge adopted by PornHub has exploded the crypto community.


Taking all these factors into consideration, it’s hard to give some precise forecasts: you never know which factors will play the key role.

 PornHub started accepting Verge!
PornHub started accepting Verge payments, which contributed to significant coin growth


Bottom line

So, is Verge a worthy investment? Although it’s hard to give any certain forecasts, this crypto coin promises to grow. Slowly but steadily. Therefore, if you’re ready to wait two to three years to get revenue, invest right now. Verge is one of the crypto pioneers in the niche of private transactions, so should definitely retain its position.

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How to Cash Out Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency: Complete Guide

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Learn about all possible ways to cash out Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
How to Cash Out Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency: Complete Guide

You might be a Bitcoin millionaire, but what’s the point in that, if you cannot use the digital money in the real world? All your trading efforts would have gone in vain if you don’t know how to cash out Bitcoin.

Bitcoin millionaire meme
What’s the point of being rich with crypto, if it can’t buy you anything?

If you already possess a few valuable coins and want to turn them into fiat, this definitive guide is here to help you out. Find out what can be done to sell Bitcoin for cash, as well as all other cryptocurrencies. These methods differ by both how do you cash out Bitcoin, and how much time it takes.

Which way of Bitcoin cash out is best for me?

Before you start turning digital currency into a real one, you need to decide which of methods appeals to you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself for making an informed decision:

  • Do I need the cheapest or the easiest option?

  • How long are you ready to wait to transfer Bitcoin to cash?

  • Where the money should be stored– in PayPal or a bank account (you are free to select the way how to cash out Bitcoin on some platforms).

  • In which currency will you be cashing out Bitcoin?

Now it must be easier to figure out the best method. Let’s move on and find out how to get cash from Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Today, this is the most widespread way of money financial transfer. An exchange platform is a website where you can sell Bitcoin for cash (or other currencies depending on which coins are supported by projects) to other users and transfer money to your bank account.

So, how to withdraw Bitcoins to cash using a cryptocurrency exchange platform?

  1. Create an account using your personal data (every platform has different requirements for personality verification) and provide a link to your bank account or debit/credit card.

  2. Leave a request for exchange– specify the amount of cash out Bitcoins, the currency you want to turn it into, how to cash out cryptocurrency (where to transfer money to), and post your offer.

  3. As soon as someone replies your request and initiates a transaction, the exchange process will be launched. It may take from a couple of minutes to several days– it depends on the bank card provider and currencies chosen, as well as the sum.

There are several exchange platforms available in the Net:

Exchange Platforms

Supported Currencies

Transaction fee


Over 53 currencies

0.16% for BTC-fiat exchange


Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Ethereum

Up to 3.75%


Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ripple

2% or $10


Ethereum and Bitcoin only

Up to 6%


Almost 100 currencies



108 currencies


Peer-to-peer exchangeMostly, exchanges offer pretty agreeable fees, but there are certain drawbacks connected with this method of withdrawal. It’s not an option if you need money urgently– most likely, you will need to wait at least two days for the bank to process the request. Besides, the fees can be pretty high depending on how do you cash out Bitcoin, and which fiat currency you select.

Don’t want to wait for two to three days to exchange Bitcoin for cash? How to cash Bitcoin quicker? Consider using a platform for P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange like LocalBitcoins. When you sell BTC to other people, you are free to select the payment method for them to use. You choose how to cash out Bitcoins:

  • Cash deposit on your bank account (proof of ID and proof of Payment will be required).

  • Bank transfer. It also requires ID verification and proof of payment provided in advance.

  • Meeting in person. You can arrange a meeting with people nearby and cash out Bitcoin literally.

This is a convenient method, but you should be aware of the fraud. Select LocalBitcoins and similar services that feature the escrow service– this way, Bitcoin will be kept until you receive the payment. How to cash out Bitcoins to PayPal? This method is also suitable for such transfers!

Still confused and wonder how to cash in Bitcoins on such websites? There’s a screenshot that will clear things up:

LocalBitcoins interface
Step-by-step selling of crypto on LocalBitcoins

In other words, you post an offer, someone finds it and replies back. You accept the offer, and your Bitcoins are put in the escrow. As soon as the replier sends you money, you approve of this fact, and he gets your BTC.

Bitcoin prepaid cards

How to cash out Bitcoins to USD instantly? Consider debit cards. This is a relatively new method, but it has a lot of supporters thanks to the benefits it provides. Such cards function as regular ones, they are just funded by BTC and other coins. How to turn Bitcoin into cash using such a card? Just make micropayments in shops and restaurants, or use it in ATMs (crypto will be instantly converted into fiat).

You can order such a card in a few websites, including Monaco. Although it takes some time for the card to be released and sent to you, it is truly worth efforts and waiting. Cashing out Bitcoin with a debit card is beneficial thanks to:

  • low commission fees,

  • chip and PIN support,

  • transparency of fees, and so on.

Please, keep in mind that you will need to verify your personality to receive the card (you need to verify your ID card, as well as address). How to cash out large amounts of Bitcoin with a card? Limits can be raised after going through the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. It proves that you’re not involved in money laundering or any other fraudulent activities.

Check out the video guide to cashing out Bitcoins:

Crypto loans

Can you cash out Bitcoin so that to pay for your loans? Yes, it’s possible. Some companies allow you to deposit crypto into a smart contract– it will be held– and receive fiat at your bank account to pay back the loan when you need it. This method is great because it avoids a taxable event, and you can take out a loan without selling your currency. Besides, you avoid loss caused by cryptocurrency fluctuations.

How to cash in Bitcoin?

Wonder how do you cash in Bitcoin? The reverse process can be done using exactly the same methods as above: cryptocurrency exchange, peer-to-peer platforms, and loans. There are different ways to purchase Bitcoin and other currency (they are discussed in this article).

How to buy Bitcoins?
5 ways to cash in Bitcoin

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many ways to convert Bitcoin into fiat– it’s not as impossible as it was a few years ago. Before you make the final solution you should decide how to cash out of Bitcoin beneficially. Set your priorities: you need lower fees or shorter time? The above-mentioned options aren’t equally suitable for all situations.

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Hot Wallet vs. Cold Wallet: What the Different Storage Methods Do

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As we utilize cryptocurrency more, it is expected that we devise a more effective means of storing currencies
Hot Wallet vs. Cold Wallet: What the Different Storage Methods Do

The traditional system of banking has taught us one crucial lesson- the business of securing your money is an important one. That’s why banks have bullet-proof doors, security guards, ultra-protected safes, sophisticated biometric scanners and sensors, etc. Thankfully, the major drawback of financial systems, human interference, has been eliminated by Blockchain decentralized systems.

Now, you can operate a financial model which eliminates dubious middlemen, exorbitant transfer fees and super-fast transaction speed. Cryptocurrency made all these possible. How do you store these cryptocurrencies? A cryptocurrency wallet!

What are cryptocurrency wallets?

Just like a conventional wallet where you keep your cash, a cryptocurrency wallet is a means by which you store your digital coins. There are two different types of wallet. We have the hot wallet vs. the cold wallet. Each wallet has its advantages and Achilles heel and choosing the best wallet is only a matter of getting adequate information on each. Let’s begin.

Hot/cold wallets

Hot wallets

Hot wallets or soft wallets are likened to checking accounts- where individuals can readily access their funds, make payments, and make instant transactions. It is always connected to the internet and this ensures accessibility. However, this particular feature can be a harbinger of misfortune.

A hot wallet is always connected to the internet and this gives some individuals with malicious intent ample time to perpetrate their fraudulent activities. Occurrences like phishing and hacking are now becoming increasingly prevalent, hence, it is advised that crypto-users limit the amount of funds they store on a hot wallet.

There are three main features of a soft wallet.

  1. It is mostly free

  2. It is easily accessible

  3. A soft wallet is highly intuitive and easy to use

  4. A soft wallet is always connected to the internet

Cold wallets

Cold wallets, on the other hand, are more secure. This is partly because it is not used as often as a hot wallet. Also, the security can be attributed to the fact internet connection is not direct (it is an offline storage). If you like, you can access the funds only once a year- it remains intact. Cold wallets can either be paper wallets or hardware wallets.

Paper wallet

Storing your coins in a paper wallet is likened to storing your coins on a computer which has never been connected to the Internet. These are extremely secure due to the fact that the computer used to generate the private keys are not prone to cyber-attack. It is as good as free and it gives you confidence that your funds will remain safe for a very long time.

Hardware wallets

When you compare cold wallets vs. hot wallets, the former might probably come out superior because of the security features of hardware wallets. They are powerful, convenient, and equally expensive. Although they are not as ubiquitous as their hot counterparts, these wallets are an excellent choice.

Comparison of hot and cold wallets

Now, let’s go through the different features of hot and cold wallets. Both wallets were built for different purposes, hence, this comparison will be as objective as possible.


When we talk about safety, a hot wallet is not totally the best choice. This is because it is always connected to the internet and this makes it vulnerable to hacking, phishing, etc.

Speed of transactions

Hot wallets are specifically made for instant payments, fast transactions, and flexible operations. Cold wallets, on the other hand, are made to hold large amounts of coins for a long period of time. When we compare cold wallets vs. hot wallets, the latter offers faster transaction times.

Support and integrations

Because of the nature of hot wallets, they are made to support a variety of coins, work well with APIs and other third-party integrations required.

Amount of funds operable

We have adequately established that hot wallets shouldn’t contain more funds than necessary while cold wallets are able to hold as much cryptocurrency as possible. This makes cold wallets superior for storing in bulk.

Types of hot and cold wallets

Hot wallets

1. Exodus

There are many crypto-wallets in the market, especially hot wallets. One feature which allows Exodus to stand out is the highly intuitive and easy to use the platform. It also has an attractive graphic design and a readily-available customer service team.

2. Coinpayments

This hot wallet supports over 75 cryptocurrencies, an astounding feat by any measure. Like most hot wallets, it is free and not cumbersome to navigate. Another reason for this wallet’s widespread acceptance is the ability to use it for making purchases online.

3. Electrum

Electrum is one of the oldest brands known for storing cryptocurrencies. If age is anything to go by, you can trust Electrum with your life’s savings. It works as a desktop wallet and still provides the user with every functionality required. Also, if you plan to change the PC on which it was installed, you just need to reinstall the software on a new PC and then input the seed (a string of random words) generated at first.

4., with 100 million transactions completed and 15 million users, might just be the most popular cryptocurrency wallet available. Why is it this popular? Transparency! They give you a double layer of security and they are impervious to the generated seed used to access the account.

Cold wallets

1. Trezor

Trezor, in a short while, has become one of the safest and most reliable cold wallets we have around. For people who have plans to invest huge sums of money in cryptocurrency, the Trezor is advised. The best characteristic of the Trezor wallet is that it is not cumbersome to carry about. It takes the shape of a very small digital calculator and it has an in-built screen which displays the pin and other sensitive information.

2. Ledger S Nano

This is another major player in the cryptocurrency industry and they offer the same level of security with an increased level of sophistication. For example, it uses its own Ledger Chrome application- which authenticates and authorizes transfers. The hardware wallet also boasts a sleek, trendy design which, like Trezor, has the screen to view the pin.

The battle of cold wallets vs. hot wallets is one which is fiercely contested. Is there a clear-cut winner? Well, that depends on your choices and preference. If you need cryptocurrency on the go; for payments and shopping, then the hot wallet is perfect for you. On the other hand, if your business is to purchase cryptocurrencies for a long period and then sell later, you can spare a few coins to invest in a quality hardware wallet.

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How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously, Without ID and Verification

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If you are wondering how to buy Bitcoins anonymously in the US instantly, here are your options
How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously, Without ID and Verification

When Bitcoin first came to the scene, everyone was of the view that it was anonymous. However, as everything goes on the Blockchain, the global ledger shared publicly, actually it’s not anonymous.

Remember that leaving digital trail means that it’s just the matter of time before your transactions are de-anonymized and anyone with enough resources will be able to do that. That being the reason, everyone is now looking for options to remain anonymous on Bitcoin network as much as possible.

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So, the question is how to buy Bitcoins anonymously? Well, there are some companies that allow buying and selling Bitcoins anonymously. Besides, there are some tricks that give you the easiest way to buy Bitcoins anonymously.

Bitcoin Logo with something that shows anonymity

Methods To Buy Bitcoins Anonymously

Available Options

Buy Bitcoin With Cash

Local Bitcoins, Bitcoin ATMs, Prepaid Cards

Disguise Transfers Between Identities

Helix, Joinmarket, Darkwallet

Other Options

Mycelium Local Trader, Bitsquare, Wall of Coins

Use cash to buy Bitcoins anonymously– the easiest way out

Yes, your best bet when looking to buy Bitcoins anonymously is to buy it with cash. You may wonder where to buy Bitcoins anonymously even with cash. Well, there are quite a few options available for that and the ones on top of the list are mentioned below.

Bitcoin with cash

1.       Local Bitcoins

When looking to find the best way to buy Bitcoins anonymously with cash, you should better buy it in person. With Local Bitcoins, you can easily find people near you who are ready to sell their Bitcoins in exchange for cash.

Alias emails can be used for signing up at Local Bitcoins and it’s not necessary for you to verify your ID at this platform. Such Bitcoin deals don’t require any documentation whatsoever and allow you to remain truly anonymous.

2.       Bitcoin ATMs

Another best way to buy Bitcoins anonymously with cash is through a Bitcoin ATM near you. However, the issue is that Bitcoin ATMs are not available everywhere and you may not have one very close to you.

But if you have access to one, go for it. Remember, however, that these ATMs require you to specify a Bitcoin address, but you have the option to say that you do not have one. And, when you choose that option, a paper address is generated for you most of the times. Afterwards, it’s possible for you to import private key of your paper wallet to send your Bitcoins anywhere you want.

3.       Prepaid Card

You may have even wondered how to buy Bitcoins anonymously with a credit card. Well, you have prepaid credit cards for that and they can be availed at any convenience store or supermarket out there. These cards can then be used for making Bitcoin purchases at different platforms like Virwox or Coinmama without having to provide your ID.


Disguising transfers between several identities

When looking for answers to how to buy Bitcoins anonymously online, you have the option of obfuscating transfers between several identities. There are several services available today that rely on Coinjoin concept for combining transactions of different users into a single transaction for disguising who owns the funds and how much of it. Let’s take a look at a couple of such service providers.

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1.       Helix

Helix relies on a long Coinjoin transactions chain for tumbling your Bitcoins. Grams, the team behind Helix, indexes dark sites, builds reviews and allows its users to tumble and mix their coins. The service can be used with or without a membership. All you need to do is to browse to Helix website using Tor Browser and provide the address of the recipient.

Random delay periods can be added allowing more transaction layers to form and make the transaction more anonymous. The status ID can be recorded for checking out the status of your transactions at a later stage.

2.       Joinmarket

It’s another decentralized network where you can use Coinjoin to mix your Bitcoin transactions with other users. It doesn’t require any centralized party and you don’t even have to trust others. It’s different from the centralized services in the fact that your Bitcoins do not leave the address that is in your control. It means you’re not at risk even if the service shuts down while your transaction is being processed or when it maliciously starts stealing the Bitcoins. Remember, however, that you need considerable technical knowledge in order to install and use Joinmarket.

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What other options do you have?


Yes, there are some other avenues available where you can get the answer to your primary question can I buy Bitcoins anonymously. These include:

1.       Mycelium Local Trader

The popular Bitcoin wallet Mycelium brings this option to you. In fact, Local Trader is a feature that comes built into your Mycelium mobile application. It’s a simple feature that uses the location of your phone for connecting you with local traders in your close vicinity. Buyers and sellers can then meet personally for exchanging cash and Bitcoins without needing any verifications or IDs.

2.       Bitsquare

It’s a peer-to-peer marketplace where cryptocurrencies are traded.

The exchange is completely decentralized and doesn’t require any name, email or verification. For keeping it completely anonymous, the network uses Tor browser and does not hold Bitcoins or fiat in any account or on the server.

Whether it’s the order placement, matching or execution, the network is fully decentralized.

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3.       Wall Of Coins

It is another option that you can try for buying Bitcoins without having to disclose your identity. Primarily, it’s another cash-based system, but it requires the buyer to deposit the cash in some bank account.

The seller shares the details of their bank account and the buyer has to visit their nearest branch to make the deposit.

The platform holds the coins in escrow and once the deposit is confirmed, the escrow is released.

What’s best for you


So, if you are wondering how to buy Bitcoins anonymously in the US instantly, the above options will work for you. It’s just the matter of deciding which one suits your needs best and you can simply go with it.

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5 Best Altcoin to Invest in 2018

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Most altcoins are scam. You should be very prudent when to decide to invest in altcoins
5 Best Altcoin to Invest in 2018

Bitcoin is the first and most valuable digital currency. It was run in 2009, but the main principles and architecture have not changed since that time. This is certainly wrong to think that Bitcoin has not been developing at all. There is a quite strong team of programmers work on Bitcoin. In addition, the project is open-source, so programmers all across the globe can suggest some interesting decisions.

Why not Bitcoin?

“Why choose the upcoming cryptocurrency over Bitcoin?” – you may ask. Although the world has witnessed the mind-blowing rise of Bitcoin price at the end of 2017, its value keeps fluctuating every day– we cannot predict how much it will be in a year, or even a month. Besides, why limit yourself to one digital asset when there are so many promising up and coming cryptocurrencies?

“Bitcoin is just one example of something that uses a Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are just one example of decentralized technologies. And now that the Internet is big enough and diverse enough, I think we will see different flavors of decentralized technologies and Blockchains. I think decentralized networks will be the next huge wave in technology. The blockchain allows our smart devices to speak to each other better and faster.” - Melanie Swan, technology futurist and best-selling author.


Bitcoin is usually referred to as digital gold and it will hold this status for a while. At the same time, a lot of altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies) evolved after Bitcoin’s success. One should be very careful while investing due to high scam-rate of new altcoins. However, if there is strong tech or financial background behind alts, then they are worth considering to trade. Here are the five best-known alts.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin. It was created because of controversy in the Bitcoin team. Group of developers wanted to make transactions faster by increasing the block size. It actually means that users could spend twice less time waiting for transactions.

Bitcoin Cash

With increasing the block size, the difficulty of counting is growing up too. This is not a problem today, because we have ASIC-miners, so we can ensure a really big hashrate. The problem is that such tactics are a dead end. It does not change anything thoroughly, because it is not really to make the block bigger and bigger every time. In order to make transactions, faster Bitcoin needs more indeed improvements. Bitcoin Cash is faster than bitcoin but it is still not fast enough for day-to-day transactions. The problem of scalability is not solved.

So, why is Bitcoin Cash on top? The main reason is a big community of followers. Bitcoin Cash has $11 bln capitalization right now and many people use it not only as an invest coin. It is popular and this is highly important for every cryptocurrency to have a practical application.

In addition, Bitcoin Cash team is more open for risk. Somebody may say this is not an advantage, but, actually, only in this way a cryptocurrency has the chance to become more convenient and applicable finance tool.

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Monero is one of the so-called private coins. It means that no one can track your transactions inside of Blockchain. Monero was made with some special methods of encryption. It is almost impossible to steal coins or find out who is a sender.


Why do we need an encryption in transactions? Many people think that it is used only by terrorists and other criminals. This is not true, but, unfortunately, we cannot refuse that criminals still use private coins very active. At the same time, privacy is much more than just a black market. There are millions of people all across the globe who appreciate privacy because they care about personal data. This is not about policy, just fact. Hence, such coins as Monero are the most promising altcoins.

Many similar private coins are out there, but I decided to put Monero in this top because of two reasons. First– decentralization. This is a crucial thing for every cryptocurrency, but nowadays many developers forget about that. Monero is an independent coin. It will not be crushed if someone on the team decides to leave. Second– pure reputation. Monero has never taken part in some doubtful stuff. It is a kind of specimen for all cryptocurrencies.

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IOTA is actually not a cryptocurrency. This is a Blockchain project made for one of the most perspective technologies right now– Internet of Things. The technology has a problem with the safety of data that is transmitted between gadgets. It is a private data, which may include passwords and personal information. Hence, this is highly important to keep and transmit it the safe way.

IOTA solve this problem with a technology named Tangle. It is sort of Blockchain, but more complicated and fast. Moreover, the crucial thing is that, unlike most of the other cryptocurrencies, all transactions in Tangle are free. That is why IOTA is one of the best promising cryptocurrencies in 2018.


How is this possible? Actually, to make its own transaction, your device has to handle two others. It is not a problem for any computer, because handling does not take much power. That way the network can ensure really fast transactions.


NEM is the most multipurpose platform in this list. It was made in 2014 and it was originally a regular coin for day-to-day transactions. Later it became a huge platform, which can provide almost all the features that can be implemented with Blockchain, including:

  • Smart-contracts

  • Private transactions

  • Regular fast transactions

  • Decentralized application


The company is kind of centralized. It is run by a professional team and registered in Singapore. A part of crypto-community thinks that centralization is a disadvantage. I already said that the independence of crypto-project is good, but it also has some problems. If a community is big, it will be not easy to come to a consensus about methods of developing. So, even an obviously great decisions can take a lot of time before they will be implemented.

The NEM team can make improvements fast. Hence, the cryptocurrency is becoming more technically complete every day. That is why I think that NEM is one of the best altcoins to invest in 2018.


In 2018, nobody can call any altcoin more popular, useful and perspective than Ethereum. It is a distributed platform for smart-contracts that was made in 2013 by the then-19 year old Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin.

Today the company aims to be a practically useful finance instrument while most of the other cryptocurrencies are just always trying to get more investors.

“Whereas most technologies tend to automate workers on the periphery doing menial tasks, Blockchains automate away the center. Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, Blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly.” - Vitalik Buterin.

Vitalik Buterin

There are many more altcoins worth taking a look at. Please, do your own research!


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What is Bitcoin ETF- How to Invest in BTC ETF?

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“What is Bitcoin ETF” has just one answer. It is investing in BTC ETF stock meaning that you do not get to worry about buying or storing
What is Bitcoin ETF- How to Invest in BTC ETF?

The release of XBT futures and BTC futures, coupled with the astronomic increase in the value of Bitcoin has caused more people to seek means of buying Bitcoin stock without investing directly in cryptocurrencies. It is then normal for questions like, “how to invest in Bitcoin ETF” to spike and we have answers to that question. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

What is an ETF?

ETF stands for “exchange-traded fund” and describes a kind of investment fund where the price of assets like gold, stocks and oil can be tracked. These assets can then be traded on exchanges, just like conventional stocks. What this means is that investors have the option of buying and selling their holdings in this exchange-traded funds to other investors via the stock exchange.

What’s so unique about an ETF? Well, the major feature about ETFs is that they are relatively cheaper compared to mutual funds. This is because normally, ETFs are set up as passive index tracking funds. This gives investors access to the different niche markets and asset classes which are usually difficult to invest in.

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What is Bitcoin ETF?

Basically, a Bitcoin ETF is one where the underlying asset is Bitcoin. This means that when you purchase Bitcoin ETF, you’re purchasing the cryptocurrency, albeit indirectly. This is because you’re holding the Bitcoin ETF in your portfolio and this ETF tracks the real-time price of Bitcoin. Therefore, the difference is that when you invest in Bitcoin ETF, you have the luxury of trading Bitcoins without the struggles of buying and storing it.

Benefits of a Bitcoin ETF

Now that we’ve got the issue of “what is Bitcoin ETF?” out of the way, let’s explore some of the benefits of having Bitcoins as an asset class on an exchange-traded fund. One existing drawback to investing in Bitcoin is the complexity surrounding it. However, with the advent of Bitcoin ETF, the cryptocurrency will become open to a diverse set of investors.

This means that investors who were willing but hitherto unable can now invest in Bitcoin the way they would do for mutual funds and pension funds.

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We’ve established that as a result of the advent of ETF, the crypto market will have new entrants. It is then expected that Bitcoin ETFs will cause the value of Bitcoin to surge. This is in tandem with the occurrence in the early 2000s where ETF for gold was set up and the price of gold surged drastically.

How to Invest in Bitcoin ETF- What is involved?

To begin the process, you need to do is to open an account with one of the existing brokers. After doing this, get access to the account and proceed to fund the account. Then, you can navigate to the tab where you can trade. Search for your preferred investment trust and take note of the conditions attached to doing business. This is extremely important.

After doing this, you’re free to decide on any amount of shares you want to purchase and then choose the type of order. Some platforms give you an opportunity to preview your order and this is just to ensure that everything is in order. Be sure to confirm that you have the correct details of the order and then proceed to authenticate the transaction.

Subsequently, you can carry out trades on the same platform without the need for a crypto wallet or a digital exchange.

How to invest in Bitcoin ETF- Where to look

The Greyscale Investment’s Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC)

trust is a company that has a fixed amount of a particular commodity. Normally, investors come together to buy shares of this particular company and these investors are given contracts which serve to show ownership of these assets.

For example, a gold trust means that the company has a certain amount of gold that they own and investors are allowed to purchase shares that might be worth a fraction of an ounce of gold. Greyscale is a company that allows investors to purchase shares which translate to Bitcoins.

This company holds 175,000 Bitcoins and you are free to buy shares in this regard. One share of GBTC at the time of writing translates to 0.09196847 Bitcoins. Here are few things to note about GBTC.

  1. It provides an auditable ownership of cryptocurrencies via a traditional investment means. This means that the shares are in the name of the investor and can be used for tax purposes. The structure is also such that it can easily be transferred to beneficiaries.
  2. Shares of this GBTC can be held in some IRA, Roth IRA, and other similar accounts
  3. These shares can also be publicly quoted.
  4. One thing GBTC has in its favor is the array of trusted service providers backing it. Friedman LLP provides an annual audit for the firm while Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP is the legal counsel.
  5. Lastly, the assets are stored with Xapo Inc. This is a deep, cold form of storage and it is highly robust.

The future potential for Bitcoin ETF

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has given a regulatory approval to include Bitcoin futures on the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade) and the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange). This is quite radical when you think of it and it opens the door for potential Bitcoin ETFs.

Being the major financial regulator in the United States, this regulatory approval can be hailed as a holy grail in the crypto scene. As a result, Bitcoin ETFs can be based on the regulated, publicly traded, and generally standardized Bitcoin futures.  


Different strokes for different folks. Whether your question was “how to invest in Bitcoin ETF?” or you just wanted to get an idea of the topic, this article must’ve gone above and beyond, opening your eyes to the potentials of Bitcoin ETF.

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