Twitter Suspends Roger Ver’s @Bitcoin, and Suddenly a Turkish Man Owns the Handle

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    What happened with @Bitcoin on Twitter that was always a contentious Bitcoin Cash account.

Twitter Suspends Roger Ver’s @Bitcoin, and Suddenly a Turkish Man Owns the Handle

In an interesting, still unfolding saga, the Twitter handle @Bitcoin, a well known Bitcoin Cash handle that was owned by CEO Roger Ver, has been suspended, and reinstated a few times, but also since then, landed up in a few random hands. 

It has led to Ver crying out that his freedom of speech has been infringed, but it has also caused quite a commotion from both sides of the Bitcoin-Bitcoin Cash debate. 

Free speech dies

Twitter briefly suspended @Bitcoin which led to Ver crying out on his own Twitter account that free speech had died. 

Bitcoin Cash fans have since argued that the Twitter suspension was the result of a coordinated effort by Bitcoin supporters. The suspension has since chained a number of social media altercations between BCH and BTC proponents.

One of those who fired back, mockingly, at Ver, was Litecoin’s founder, Charlie Lee.

He also gained support from Bitcoin engineer, Jameson Lopp who responded directly to Ver’s free speech tweet.

From Turkey to Moscow

Since Verlost control of the handle, it ended up in the possession of an anonymous user with a picture of a jaguar.

Judging by the tweets, the person was likely from Turkey. He managed to get more than 2,500 followers within an hour. Unfortunately, his 15 minutes of fame ended when Twitter decided to suspend the account again.

As it stands now, @Bitcoin belongs to someone who says in their Bio: “My name is Andrei from Moscow Russia.”


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