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Thu, 04/04/2019 - 12:48
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Sessia is an ecosystem where both businesses and customers get a bunch of beneficial opportunities
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These days everything is slowly but surely digitizing. All industries are moving onto a brand new level of development, using unique solutions and cutting-edge technologies. This is especially true for marketing, advertising, e-commerce, where most services are already done online, however there is still a lot of room for improvement. The major downfall of the abovementioned fields is the lack of communication between the company and the customer, insufficient protection of the customer’s data and money, when they make a purchase, the holdup of the process because of the chain of intermediaries, the complexity of selling and buying products online. The Sessia project can eliminate all these major weaknesses and help you to mecame much closer to your customers and spend marketing budgets directly on them much more efficiently with the help of a strong community and subscribers.

What is Sessia?

Sessia is a digital platform created on the basis of the blockchain technology. It is an ecosystem where both businesses and customers get a bunch of beneficial opportunities. Businesses are able to set up online stores, display their products, get feedback from the customers; meanwhile the customers can purchase various goods and participate in multiple incentive programs. Sessia has an absolutely free mobile app that can be downloaded by businesses. The loyalty program of the platform is easy to set up, and afterwards the users can use the special store constructor for setting up their own online stores which immediately appear in the marketplace. Sessia’s main goal is helping out businesses with an absolutely new approach to advertising which has a 100% potential of attracting customers. The project creates perfect conditions for more advanced communication between businesses and customers. Sessia also provides payment crypto gateways, free customer relationship management, user-friendly logistics. Moreover, businesses only have to pay for advertisement if it attracts new customers. Sessia is a marketplace of the future, which opens so many ways to its users. The platform is fully functioning and is available for use. Moreover, the tokens of Sessia have already been issued, they can be used at a fixed price in the marketplace of the project which is replenished on a daily basis.

Main features of Sessia

  • Sessia has a free of charge, user-friendly and simple-to-use mobile app both for Android and iOS;

  • The store constructor allows companies to set up their online stores and put them into the marketplace right away;

  • The advertising of products is sure to bring customers and is only paid for in case of success;

  • The online marketplace has an embedded crypto cashback program;

  • There is rating system and chat which allows the customers to discuss and evaluate various products;

  • People who agree to promote certain goods are called Kickers and receive incentives in the form of KICKs tokens, the intra-platform currency;

  • The main principles of Sessia are integrity, transparency and good governance;

  • The products of the platform include the following: SessiaSMM, SessiaPay, SessiaCRM, SessiaMarket, SessiaLoyalty, SessiaLogistics;

  • Sessia is actively expanding the number of brands that will be available at the marketplace. It is currently negotiating with businesses from Russia, China, United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada etc.

Token sale details

Having raised 3 million dollars during the private token sale, the project has launched it’s crowdfunding stage. Sessia is going to sale  94 684 513 already issued KICKS tokens for this round. The hard cap is 50 million dollars correspondingly. The token sale will end on the 31st of July, but now you can get best conditions for participation. Institutional players also participate Sessia tokensale, one of them - Amber AI Group traders note that today Sessia is one of the most prominent projects in the digital Asian market.

If you are interested in this innovative and unique marketplace and you want to become a part of the ecosystem or an investor, feel free to visit the official website.

Sessia will be attending the Crypto Invest Summit (CIS) in Los Angeles, the USA on April 9 and 10 2019. They will also attend Blockchain life Singapore on 23 and 24 April 2019. Make sure you don’t miss out on these events and get your tickets!

Also On April 6th at 10:30 am (EST), an online conference will be held with the participation of Narek Sirakanyan, the founder and president of Sessia, and Denis Kapralov, the executive director of Sessia.

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