Ripple CTO Comments on Joke Article in Which He Uses His 'Celeb Status' to Avoid Traffic Ticket

Sat, 06/06/2020 - 11:43
Yuri Molchan
Ripple gets a letter from a company offering to clear the name of the CTO, mislead by an article in which D. Schwartz tries to avoid a ticket using his ‘celeb status’
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The Ripple CTO David Schwartz has shared a joke about himself with the Twitter community.

An article on has covered a non-existent case when Schwartz tried to avoid getting a traffic ticket from the police by presenting himself as ‘the Steph Curry of blockchain’.

A joke article on Ripple-invested blog platform

The article that David Schwartz shared on his page today came out, a Ripple-invested startup created by the former Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas.

It describes an imaginary episode from the life of David Schwartz, in which he was held up by traffic police.

The imaginary part though is that The Ripple CTO tries to prevent the police from giving him a ticket by saying that he is a blockchain celebrity.

As per the text, Schwartz tried to avoid getting a ticket by presenting himself as a blockchain celebrity with 150,000 followers on Twitter.

"Wow, it sure is crazy being the creator of the XRP Ledger. I just get autograph seekers no matter where I go," chuckled Schwartz to the officer whose face remained stoic as he demanded Schwartz's license and registration. "Oh, yes... um... here you go officer. Yup, it's me alright. David Schwartz. Ol' JoelKatz, in the flesh."
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Ripple is offered to restore Schwartz’ reputation

The curious thing is that Ripple got an e-mail in which a company, whose name has not been disclosed, offered to restore the Ripple CTO’s reputation with Google.

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The company obviously got misled by the article, taking it to be totally accurate.

The letter stated that damages to the reputation caused by articles like this could result in loss of business opportunities and overall embarrassment.

The company wrote that in the past they have already cleared the reputation of many prominent figures.

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