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Rikkei Finance Introduces Five-Stage Transparency System for Crypto Lending

Thu, 06/24/2021 - 13:49
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Vladislav Sopov
Rikkei Finance (RiFi), a new-gen decentralized crypto lending ecosystem, shares the details of is asset scoring process
Rikkei Finance Introduces Five-Stage Transparency System for Crypto Lending
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Rikkei Finance is a one-stop decentralized cryptocurrency lending ecosystem. It works on top of different blockchains, boasts NFT instruments, and peer-to-peer insurance for its customers.

Five steps to perfect assets suite: experience of Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance is highly focused on the transparent and intuitive DeFi experience for all cryptocurrency holders. That's why it introduced a five-step system of assets qualification.

Rikkei Finance introduces five-stage system for assets verification
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First, it analyzes the basic trading indicators - volume, ratio, and market cap - for every potential currency that can be added to its suite of assets. This data is researched via Rikkei Finance's very own data crawling technique.

Once the raw data is gathered, research and diligence experts filter the assets from those selected on the previous stage. Each asset is attributed with its own score and ranking.

The third stage is based on another know-how by the Rikkei Finance team, dubbed 'Hui Heubel liquidity ratio'. Combined with current ratio and turnover ratio, it is utilized in a patented Liquidity Ranking System. This stage is required to ensure that only high-liquid assets are added to the decentralized liquidity mechanisms.

The fourth stage involves manual due diligence checks by Rikkei Finance experts. It assesses the prospects of scaling demonstrated by this or that cryptocurrency asset. Assets with high levels of scalability are in focus for Rikkei Finance analysts.

Better user experience for DeFi-era crypto lending

Finally, the fifth stage includes community-driven voting. It underlines the high level of community involvement in the project governance familiar for top-notch decentralized financial protocols.

The entire codebase for all five stages is open-source, so that tech-savvy enthusiasts can check the uniqueness and technical specifications of Rikkei Finance's code. Thus, only risk-free assets are available for lending on the Rikkei Finance ecosystem. That significantly reduces the risk exposure for lenders, borrowers, and investors.

Rikkei Finance design allows for seamless interaction between investors, traders, and speculators. It mitigates two most irritating issues with modern DeFi lending protocols, namely one-chain transactions and low liquidity rates. 

As a result, Rikkei Finance ensures high-end DeFi experience for the users with various levels of blockchain and financial expertise. Scenarios implemented by Rikkei Finance makes lending/borrowing procedures more profitable for both lenders and borrowers.

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