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Why Do You Need a VPN For a Wallet?

Mon, 12/31/2018 - 11:55
Why Do You Need a VPN For a Wallet?
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Digital privacy has become one of the hottest topics in the world of technology. With virtual break-ins at almost every large company, healthcare facility, and government agency, it is hard to ignore the overwhelming feeling of dread and anxiety over data security.

The fear of having private internet activity watched has led internet users to take drastic measures including covering laptop and web cameras due to the fear of being spied on. These concerns emanate primarily from worries over privacy, but there are more reasons to take stock in internet safety practices.

The introduction of cryptocurrencies has led to an even broader swath of data vulnerabilities. Currencies like Bitcoin are considered the safest way to transact over the internet. The anonymity provided by transacting with cryptocurrency, combined with a process making these transactions irreversible makes personally protecting your cryptocurrency vital.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency owners should be highly interested in the security of their holdings. A virtual wallet is used to store these currencies while not in use and must be protected against infiltration. While generally considered secure, hackers still have managed to rob these wallets from almost every cryptocurrency provider in existence.

Use a VPN to Mask Your Address

Cryptocurrency offers owners anonymity by creating an “address” for each virtual wallet. These addresses make it less likely for transactions to be traced back to each party. However, there is still some danger of discovery via an IP address if a proficient snooper gets involved.

A VPN offers some security against discovery by masking a user’s IP address. Data is sent to the VPN server where the IP address is altered before sending the data along to the destination. This can help to further safeguard against the potential revelation of a cryptocurrency holder’s identity.

Use a VPN to Protect Your Data

A hacker can easily watch data sent back and forth via an unsecured network. Hackers could potentially see more than simple web browsing information. This could include passwords, usernames, account numbers, and more sensitive information.

It is imperative to download a VPN to any device used to access a cryptocurrency wallet. The VPN can provide encryption for data being sent and received to and from the device. It is essential that Android or other mobile device users encrypt data when connected to less secure networks.


Cryptocurrency wallets should be protected by a VPN, in addition to other security methods. A VPN can provide enhanced privacy, potentially keeping information safe from the prying eyes of a hacker.


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