Singapore-based blockchain advisory, Novum Capital, making quick expansions with high profile projects across SEA.

Singapore-based blockchain advisory, Novum Capital, making quick expansions with high profile projects across SEA.

SINGAPORE (25 June 2018) – Since it's inception in late 2017, Novum Capital Ltd has gone on to helm a few of the largest blockchain projects in Southeast Asia. One of which is Consentium, an incentivise-based crypto-centric chat messenger, which successfully hit it's hard cap from its recent token sale.

Novum Capital’s clients also consist of CloudMoolah – one of the most anticipated gaming projects for developers, as well as W Green Pay – the first greenhouse gas reduction blockchain project backed by the Korean government and Korean celebrities.

Providing an end-to-end blockchain and cryptocurrency advisory, Novum Capital was founded by Christopher Low, a technological expert, best known for his creations: Viwawa, a social gaming network, and Softpay Mobile, the largest Mobile Point-of-Sale company in Vietnam.

“We have definitely seen a rise in blockchain advisory firms as the blockchain industry develops. We are very focused on doing our best for each project and if there was anything to worry about, it would be the lack of blockchain and cryptocurrency education in today’s world,” said Chris Low, Chairman of Novum Capital.

He added: “We believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency network will grow beyond what it is now, and we hope advisories like ours would be able to help in educating the public when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies as the future is very promising. Even governmental organisations are starting to host blockchain forums to better understand how blockchain technology could accelerate the progress within each field of industry. Blockchain technology is the future, and I know it will not stop here.”

Within a year, Novum Capital has expanded into 4 major cities in Southeast Asia, with its headquarters in Singapore and offices located in Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi and Jakarta. Novum Capital expects to set up its office in Bangkok within the next few months.

Novum Capital Ltd
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