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NiftyPlanet calls for the arrest of Anthony Fauci with their new hilarious NFT collection

Sat, 05/28/2022 - 07:16
NiftyPlanet calls for the arrest of Anthony Fauci with their new hilarious NFT collection
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NiftyPlanet is to launch a mind-blowing, giggle-fest NFT collection titled “Arrest Fauci” on the Solana-based NovaLaunch platform. Registration for the whitelist is open.

The planet-sized ego of Dr. Anthony Fauci, a so-called scientist and the Chief Medical Advisor to the U.S. president, led humankind to mask-wearing madness. The situation got worse when the same man decided that humanity should stop wearing masks because he said so, and then again when he suddenly decided we should wear two masks! Who the hell is Mr. Fauci to be toying with billions of lives?

There is a group of brave people ready to defy the injustice and condemn Fauci for his follies! They have joined forces and created a hilarious NFT collection, poking fun at the decrees of "Mr. Almighty" and every crypto user can join the great struggle. The resistance starts on 1-st of June!

Somebody arrest him!

Arrest Fauci Club is a hilarious, Solana-based collection of 3,838 NFTs that will soon be launched on NovaLaunch. Every single NFT was generated randomly from hand-drawn traits, backgrounds and Fauci's actual quotes. Their hand-designed characteristics and humor are sure to make you giggle guaranteeing the uniqueness of each NFT. This is a perfect way for like-minders to unite against this nemesis!

Arrest Fauci Club lets ordinary users laugh in Fauci`s face while earning some crypto on these quirky NFTs, which will also be financially supporting animal shelters as well as several other causes to protect our freedoms! Yep, you heard right – a portion of all NFT sales will be set aside to help protect animals and to fund lawsuits against Fauci and his Mad Hatter’s band. When 75% of the NFTs are sold, the sum will reach 99 SOL - sounds pretty bad*ss, eh?

What awaits ordinary users if they purchase at least 1 Arrest Fauci NFT? Huge benefits:

  • An access key to the exclusive Arrest Fauci Club
  • Participation in future giveaways
  • First dibs on the 2nd Fauci NFT series
  • Voting rights for Club activities

The collection has many more hidden benefits, which you can explore on the project's official website. Scroll down to the Roadmap section.

Golden army of *ssholes

Fauci is not alone and has brought his fierce friends to the party! The collection includes 33 Ultra Rare NFTs featuring two of Fauci's accomplices. These are the New World Order most wanted criminals. All are one-of-a-kind pieces, all drawn by hand, all exclusive to club members and can be only obtained via airdrops.

Let’s fight the megalomaniacs together!

Backed by NiftyPlanet’s team and supported by several huge Arrest Fauci communities with more than 150,000 members, this exclusive NFT collection is already reverberating throughout the industry. The minting event will take place on 1-st of June, although a slight rescheduling is possible only to enhance marketing activities). Are you in?

The whitelist is open! Follow the instructions on the “How to Join Whitelist” page and apply for the whitelist on NovaLaunch using this link:  

The excitement doesn’t stop there as NiftyPlanet is preparing a special giveaway, with 3 Arrest Fauci Club NFTs in the prize pool! The main requirements are to complete the whitelist registration process and create a video that you upload to YouTube/Tik-Tok with your take on the Arrest Fauci project. Free goodies are on the way! 

Brave people behind Arrest Fauci

The collection is created by some tough guys from Anonymous and NiftyPlanet, the premiere Japanese NFT marketplace that focuses on exclusive drops and artists. The team strives to support prominent talent and always offers the highest quality. NiftyPlanet is well-known for its unique collaborations and approaches to NFT drops! The Arrest Fauci collection will be listed on NiftyPlanet and other major Solana marketplaces.

The Arrest Fauci NFT collection is being promoted by the industry’s top players, leaving no chance of failure. The support of specialized communities with over 150,000 participants will definitely play a key role in its success. It’s important for creators to follow a strict plan and theirs includes real-life charity points. Even if you don’t personally give a damn about Fauci, you can still have some fun and even grab some free rare NFTs! Viva la resistance!

Useful links:

Arrest Fauci’s official website: 


Twitter NiftyPlanet: 

Follow NiftyPlanet’s socials for more details: Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Instagram


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