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Wed, 07/07/2021 - 19:03
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What is CluCoin?

CLU (Community, Love, Unity) is one of the fastest-growing and most expansive blockchain communities to enter the crypto space! CLU is a hyperdeflationary auto-generating liquidity protocol with static farming. With each transaction, CLU is distributed to every holder’s wallet automatically. CLUcoin holders are also rewarded with special perks and unique experiences through events, NFTs, and an incredible community. Join CLU for exclusive streams, live shows, and vote with other holders on a charitable donation each month!

The CLUmmunity

CLU actively removes barriers and facilitates access to collectible NFTs and blockchain games through various community-sponsored play-to-earn activities. CLU holders can claim holder roles, earn special perks, and participate in governance to manage our community projects, such as CLU’s Axie Infinity Scholarship Program. Tournaments, unique prizes, exclusive events, and even CLU Quests are held for rare and limited NFTs made by talented artists. The CLUvault stores rare NFT art and digital assets which are all managed by the CLUmmunity under a decentralized governance model. CLU’s mission is to empower and enrich the CLUmmunity through the constant development of holder benefits and a rapidly expanding ecosystem.


$125,000 was donated in CLU’s 1st month to the Save the Children Organization using CLU’s community governance model. A 501(c)(3) application has also been filed for a non-profit organization, CLUnited, which is a separate 100% charitable entity that will work together with CluCoin to provide tax-deductible donations. The CLUnited non-profit has been founded to empower individuals, enabling them to have a greater impact on their local communities and alleviate suffering around the world.


CEO - DNP3 is a popular streamer, 15 year US Air Force veteran, and cybersecurity professional. DNP3 has always had a passion for giving and bettering the lives of others. Over the course of building 3 successful start-up ventures, he has developed a powerful network of extremely talented and motivated individuals. Now he is taking that team on a blockchain journey to save the world.


2021 Q2- CluCoin is Born (05/19/2021)

Exchange Applications

  • Submitting applications to exchanges that support our tokenomics (Completed)

Vesting Contracts For Charity and Community Wallet

  • Audit completed by Certik with 100% score (Completed)

Build social Presence (Phase 1)

  • Perform giveaways available to the general public and launch campaigns on popular social platforms (Completed)

First CLUmmunity Project

  • CLU Axie Infinity Scholarships (Completed)

CLU Vault

  • NFT Vault created & first CLUmmunity assets purchased (Completed)

2021 Q3- Organizational Development

Form Clunited Charity with 501C3 Status

  • Establish team and realize strategic vision & roadmap (Completed)
  • Establish Worldwide CLU Chapters program (In progress)
  • Establish organizational hierarchy within each chapter (In progress)
  • Build form on website that allows users to volunteer for their local Chapter or create their own (In progress)
  • Build Chapter charters that outline the responsibilities of each chapter (In progress)
  • Create chapter oaths for new members (In progress)
  • Formation of media team (In progress)

Website Revamp and Utility Integrations

  • Implementation of CLU wallet v1 (In progress)
  • NFT Collection (Completed)
  • Display CLU analytics (includes tokenomic breakdown) (Completed)
  • User achievement integration and milestones (In progress)
  • Shareable profiles and more! (In progress)
  • Design and implement user point system and leaderboard (In progress)


  • Additional incentives and rewards for Holder Roles (In progress)

Ambassador Programs

  • Develop community incentive program (In progress)

2021 Q4- Exchange Buildout

Esports Team

  • Recruiting, staffing, and build a presence in Esports Community (In progress)

Media Team

  • 1st Charity Documentary

Exchange Planning

  • Design and plan for CLU Exchange roll-out
  • Begin recruitment of staff

Staking Contracts for Holder Roles 

  • Subscription-based rewards

2022-Stage 2 Begins

  • Updated Roadmap


10% of each transaction is taxed.  5% goes to the liquidity pool and 5% (reflections) goes back to holders’ wallets, weighted by wallet size.  Liquidity is locked for 1 year and the team wallets are vested.
The circulating supply will reduce over time thanks to the inclusion of the burn wallet.
40% of the initial circulating supply will be burnt within 1 year. 

Wallets Explained

1 Quadrillion CluCoin in Total Supply

Pancakeswap 103.7T: No reflections. Provides initial liquidity pool for trading.

CLUnited 54T: No Reflections. Vested for CLUnited for 4.5 years with 1T released monthly. Unused funds will roll over.

CLUnited Seed Fund 6T: No Reflections. Serves as initial seed funding for CLUnited.

Charity 4T: Gains Reflections. All reflections from the charity wallet will be distributed each month to the community's voted charity.

Community 100T: Gains Reflections. Vested for 2 years with weekly releases based on reflections. All fees go directly back to the CluCoin community for hosting events, purchasing CLUvault NFTs, airdrops, and more!
+ 3.4T Reflections already gained.

Burn 329.6T: Gains Reflections. Reduces the circulating supply by reflection gains.
+ 99T Vested Indefinitely w/out reflections

Team 10T: No reflections. Used to build staffing, marketing, and partnerships.
+ 87T Vested for 7 years with 1T released monthly.

Mod 1T: Gains Reflections. 1/12th will be sold each month over the course of a year to pay the core team.

Clu Vault 0T: Stores NFTs & Assets purchased and owned by the CLUmmunity

Contract Address: 0x1162e2efce13f99ed259ffc24d99108aaa0ce935

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