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ChainGPT Pad Is Ranked As The #1 Launchpad: A Story of Rapid Success and Recognition

Thu, 14/12/2023 - 13:15
ChainGPT Pad Is Ranked As The #1 Launchpad: A Story of Rapid Success and Recognition
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Since its inception in June 2023, ChainGPT Pad has redefined success in the blockchain and crypto industry. This IDO platform and incubator for Web3 projects quickly stood out not just for its innovative approach but also for its careful mentorship program. ChainGPT Pad is known for its thorough selection criteria, focusing on teams that show high potential and exceptional talent. This careful approach ensures that only the most promising projects receive the guidance and resources they need to succeed in the competitive Web3 ecosystem.


Awards and Recognitions: A Testament to ChainGPT Pad's Impact

Spotlight by CryptoRank

top 7 IDO launchpads

The recognition of ChainGPT Pad by CryptoRank, a leader in crypto market analytics, is not just an ordinary achievement. Being ranked number one in Return on Investment (ROI) among nearly 100 launchpads that CryptoRank monitors is a monumental testament to ChainGPT Pad's success. This top ranking, in a field crowded with competitors, underscores ChainGPT Pad's significant role in shaping the crypto landscape. It's a clear indicator of the platform's widespread influence and effectiveness in the industry, drawing attention from visitors, users, and investors alike.

Acclaimed at Blockchain Week India

At Blockchain Week India, a gathering of Web3's brightest minds, ChainGPT Pad was celebrated as the #1 launchpad in 2023. This honor from an event that drives blockchain conversations and innovations highlights ChainGPT Pad's pivotal role in the industry.


Praised by BeInCrypto

BeInCrypto's ranking of ChainGPT Pad as the top launchpad is a remarkable achievement, considering the platform's commitment to truth and integrity in crypto reporting. This endorsement serves as a seal of credibility from a respected authority in the crypto news landscape.

Remarkable Success and Industry Dominance

The success of ChainGPT Pad's IDOs has been outstanding. Each project under its wing has seen impressive success, with the most recent one, 'Friend 3', soaring to an all-time high of 27x. 

Did you know? Even as recently as October 2023, ChainGPT Pad was ranked as one of the most popular launchpads on CryptoRank, just behind the well known Binance Launchpad. This consistent performance highlights ChainGPT Pad's exceptional capability in incubating high potential projects and steering them towards significant achievements in the dynamic blockchain market.


Showcasing Incubated Projects: DexCheck, Solidus AI Tech, and GT Protocol

ChainGPT Pad's portfolio of incubated projects showcases its commitment to fostering innovative solutions in the blockchain space. Among these are the likes of DexCheck and Solidus AI Tech, which have had successful IDOs and are thriving in their respective domains.

DexCheck: A decentralized analytics platform leveraging AI and machine learning, DexCheck provides insightful analytics for Crypto & NFT Trading. Its tools and AI algorithms enable traders to make well-informed decisions, and DCK token holders enjoy exclusive benefits like revenue sharing and DAO governance rights.

Solidus AI Tech: Solidus has established an eco-friendly High-Performance Computing (HPC) Data Centre and introduced the AITECH token, a deflationary AI token. AITECH is a gateway for AIaaS, BaaS, and IaaS services, streamlining traditional and blockchain-based transactions.

GT Protocol: GT Protocol, a well-established web 3.0 crypto investment and trading platform, seamlessly integrates CeFi, DeFi, and NFT markets, all guided by conversational AI technology. Demonstrating its robustness, the platform has impressively generated revenue exceeding the $900,000 mark and attracted over 50,000 registered users, forming a substantial and diverse user base. The exciting news is that the date for GT Protocol's IDO will soon be announced, underscoring this project's success and promising future within ChainGPT Pad's portfolio.

Explore More: While these highlights offer a glimpse into the dynamic capabilities and achievements of DexCheck, Solidus AI Tech, and GT Protocol, we invite you to visit the ChainGPT use-case page for a more comprehensive exploration.

ChainGPT Pad's Visionary Leadership Team

Behind ChainGPT Pad's success is a team of visionary leaders: Gintare Kairyte, Amid Yazdi, and Marc Constanti. Their innovative approach and strategic vision have been pivotal in propelling ChainGPT Pad to new heights.

Learn More: We invite you to learn more about the ChainGPT Pad Leadership Team and their remarkable contributions to the industry. Their combined expertise and vision continue to drive ChainGPT Pad's success and influence in the blockchain and Web3 sectors.

Disclaimer: While ChainGPT Pad's remarkable achievement of being ranked number one in ROI by CryptoRank highlights its past success, it is important for readers and potential investors to understand that past performance is not indicative of future results. The dynamic nature of the crypto market means that ROI can fluctuate, and therefore, investments should always be made with careful consideration and awareness of potential risks. For further details and a more comprehensive understanding of associated risks, please access our detailed disclaimer

About ChainGPT

ChainGPT is the leading provider of AI-powered Infrastructure for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry. From automated smart contract generation and auditing, to autonomous community management, advanced Web3 AI chatbot, AI-powered news aggregation, AI Trading Assistant and NFT generation, ChainGPT is the most sophisticated, end-to-end AI solution on the market.

We invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey towards limitless possibilities of blockchain and AI.

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