Peter Brandt: Bitcoin FOMO Getting Stronger, It Is Time to Fix Some Profits

Mon, 06/24/2019 - 09:32
Yuri Molchan
The famous, trade-savvy Peter Brandt warns investors that BTC FOMO is rising, suggesting investors consider fixing their profits
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Over the weekend, when ‘digital gold’ was trading at around $10,700, U.Today reported that Peter Brandt gave the Bitcoin community some good news. He tweeted that Bitcoin price was now moving towards a much bigger target of $100,000 due to a new parabolic cycle.

Peter Brandt suggests selling BTC over a FOMO increase

However, on the same day, Mr Brandt also published another tweet, saying that as per the "Obnoxious-Twitter-Millennial-Index" (OTMI), FOMO on the crypto market is rising at an extreme pace, which means that considering taking some profits out is a good idea.

Many experts indeed put the overall recent Bitcoin price rise down to millennials, who show a major interest in digital assets, unlike the older generation. However, the most recent BTC price surge many be linked to the recent adoption of BTC by such retail giants as Starbucks, Whole Foods and a few others, and also by Facebook launching their Libra stablecoin with PayPal, Uber and other heavyweights as investors.

Bitcoin Price Jumps to $11,250 Record, Capturing Investors’ Attention in Hopes of Regaining 2017 ATH

The crypto community disagrees

Despite the impact that Peter Brandt has over the community, this time people started arguing and disagreeing in the comment thread, stating that they would not sell in the middle of the bull market, not selling until Bitcoin hits $65,000.

Some even doubted that the current BTC price surge is due to millenials as Peter Brandt suggested, saying that the price rise is due to institutional investors.  

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