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NFTs And The Future Of Cinematography

Tue, 02/15/2022 - 11:06
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Heewon Jang
WeWay ecosystem empowers creators by offering a new form monetization for various digital collectibles
NFTs And The Future Of Cinematography
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In more ways that previously thought possible, the virtual world is integrating with the physical. It is doing so at a staggering pace. In this fast paced environment new ways of collaborating and sharing content are ever expanding, and WeWay is here to take it to the next level. 

Already, WeWay has formulated different projects with various influencers ranging from musicians to athletes, comedians to fashion models, photographers, bloggers and that’s just to name a few. Now, following this path of innovation and progression WeWay is proud to announce the advancement into film!

WeWay is now working in direct conjunction with the next major Ukrainian film project, a post-apocalyptic tale titled FORBIDDEN. The film is being produced and directed by Andrey Liulko. Andrey, a person steadily rising in the international film scene, with experience in the field going on more than 10 years. He has worked on top films such as, "The Driver", and "Good Earth". 

Most recently he directed and produced the breakthrough hit, “Not Now”. Not Now is a dark drama dealing with the tragedy of cancer. The film has since earned 23 awards, including having reached the final in the WorldFest-Houston, where it managed to obtain the Silver Remi in one of the oldest and most renowned film festivals in the world. This is same festival where Spielberg, Lucas, Ang Lee, The Coen Brothers, Ridley Scott, John Lee Hancock, Brian De Palma, and David Lynch received their first awards.

Forbidden, is a film that centers around the principle question, “What would you do to save your loved ones?” Set to be in vain of such films as Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, George Miller’s versions of Mad Max, or Gaspar Noe’s Climax. It is being filmed on location in Sri Lanka and although it is too early to disclose all those involved (as casting is still taking place until the end of February) some big names are in the running to be taking part in the production. 

Preliminary agreements have been signed with the leading Ukrainian cinema networks and streaming services. This along with, Lions Gate, Asian Film, and EuropaCorp. There are plans in place for distribution of the film in 26 countries of the world. WeWay is proud to be joining such esteemed company to work on such a project. It is an example of how the film industry is now getting further interested in the tokenization of various elements within the business and how WeWay is at the forefront of this expansion.

Comprehension of the synergy of film and fans is something WeWay understands as a major source of the industry’s strength. As technology has evolved, the way people interact with their favorite films has drastically changed. Everything from online merchandising, to video game spin offs. The possibilities in the virtual realm are nearly endless at this point. With WeWay, Forbidden fans will be able to gain exclusive NFTs associated with the film. The tokens associated with the film will be able to be bought, traded, collected and sold. WeWay is at the forefront of such projects associated with various forms of media and world cinema is just one more step into the future.

Investors and fans alike will be able to gain exclusive access through WeWay marketplace in order to buy and sell exclusive Forbidden NFTs. The potential options are that the virtual tokens can be associated with actors, directors, various parts of the story-line, and even locations. Fans can collect the heroes, the villains, they can purchase one of a kind tokens that reflect their passion for the film. 

NFTs are tokens that can be used to showcase ownership over unique digital possessions. They allow users to prove ownership of any form of digital content, including images, videos, audio files, documents, 3D models, and all this can of course be applied to film. NFTs use a secure record that has a unique identification code stored on the blockchain. WeWay enables users to create what is essentially a digital twin to any person, place or thing that exists in the physical world. Thus, the potential for the NFT market within worldwide cinema is almost limitless, and with Forbidden it is no exception. This, coupled with links to huge names in the industry and partnership with giants of cinema distribution enables the exposure of this market to be massive. 

That is what the WeWay ecosystem does, it empowers creators by offering a new form monetization for these various digital collectibles! Through the use of blockchain, every interaction with these various digital entities can be monetized. WeWay allows for new revenue streams with intelligent analysis properties that facilitate a better understanding of what makes fans tick as well as what will work better in future projects. It is a win-win for everyone involved and WeWay is only just getting started.

As more is known in future months WeWay will continue to update further about this upcoming project and surely as time goes on it will be possible to announce the names of the actors taking part in the film. WeWay is extremely excited about the collaboration with the film industry and all the ways the platform will be able to enhance the film’s experience and outcome! This is a new beginning for the fans as a whole new element of interaction and collection is brought to life by the use of NFTs and the WeWay ecosystem. 

Forbidden’s doomsday forecast will be a thrilling roller-coaster for sure, but it will be in contrast to the bright future of WeWay’s collaboration within the film industry. The future of the physical world and the virtual world are evermore merging. Along with this, Ukrainian cinema is continually more progressive, and WeWay is there to see the future come to fruition.

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