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Little Big Data: Past-ICO Review

Mon, 08/20/2018 - 07:37
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Eric Eissler
Big data is important in the information age to advertisers, however with little news about itself Data is just noise in the background of a massive crypto sea
Little Big Data: Past-ICO Review
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Data is a rather vague name for a company that is working in online advertising; it could be anything. Data wants to fix problems in online advertising by reducing untraceable ad fraud, reduce the overly complex middle layers of advertising, and improve monetization and the user experience. This Chinese-US company has already more than 50 partners working together to develop this product. Since Internet advertising is so centralized, the middleman companies keep growing and growing, taking more and more of a cut of what advertising is making.

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While the token sale raised some $38 mln by Jan. 21 during a one-day sale, the token price has taken a nosedive. The token entered the market at $0.02 on Jan. 22 and within two days spiked to an all-time high of $0.06 before falling, like a rock, down to $0.0022. Total market cap has been reduced to $10 mln and daily trade volume is $747,000. While the concept behind the token is not unique, there are many other tokens out there like it, Data does have a large and strong team developing it.


Josh Burns- Co-founder

Burns is an experienced consumer Internet business leader focused on helping reach and engagement for early to mid-stage consumer internet companies developing compelling products for both mobile and desktop, with a focus on gaming. However, it is a bit strange that he does not list Data on his LinkedIn resume.

Shirley Lin- Co-founder

Lin founded in March 2016, with a purpose of creating a passage to connect people and make an impact. She is a serial entrepreneur, a seasoned executive in Business Development with deep relations in Silicon Valley, Europe and China, and specialized in globalization for cross-border operations. She has the technical background in the hard-core programming in O.S. and aerospace Space Shuttle program at NASA. Data is again missing from her bio…

Ze Li- CTO

Li is a computer scientist and engineer who is heading up the developer team for Data. His main specialty is working with big data and has much experience in that field. As a side note, he does have Data listed on his LinkedIn resume.

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Not much in the news, not much online

Trying to find out more information about what this company is doing has been difficult. Furthermore, no responses were given to our media inquiries and on top of that many of the reviews out there are old, written when this company was fresh out of the gate earlier this year when launching its ICO. A blog on Medium praised it for its new technology and price performance  but died off once the price fell. There are many fancy graphics which depict what the company wants to do and which problems they want to solve, however, not much more information is provided on how they will go about doing this.

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