Ethereum Price Predicted to Climb in the Long Run as Buterin Explains Need for Higher Coin Values
Ethereum Price Predicted to Climb in the Long Run as Buterin Explains Need for Higher Coin Values

Dash News - KFC Restaurant Embraces Dash in Venezuela, More Latin American Countries to Follow

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    After courting with Bitcoin, the global fast food giant is now accepting Dash, joining thousands of Venezuelan merchants who already support the coin

KFC Restaurant Embraces Dash in Venezuela, More Latin American Countries to Follow
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A KFC restaurant in Venezuela will soon start accepting Dash, Forbes reports. Meanwhile, Dash continues making waves in the failed socialist state, also planning to extend its reach to more Latin American countries.

Buying chickens with crypto    

This is not the first time when the Colonel shows interest in crypto – back in January, KFC Canada rolled out the Bitcoin bucket (as the name suggests, one can only be bought with BTC). Now, it’s time for Dash, the most popular cryptocurrency in Venezuela. For the time being, only one restaurant in the city of Caracas supports the currency, but there is already a plan for a further expansion that will cover 24 Latin American countries.

A growing adoption  

Alejandro Echeverría, who spearheads the Dash Merchant Venezuela group, claims that the ‘Dash movement’ is getting stronger since it’s a beginner-friendly way of making payments. The 16th biggest currency by market cap has been already adopted by 2,000 merchants in the hyperinflation-stricken country, and now global corporations in the likes of KFC and Papa Jones are also getting on board. Their ambitions go as far as reaching up to 10,000 merchants in 2019.

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Getting around poor tech

Echeverría explains that the process of attracting new merchants involves making direct phone calls and presenting them the advantages of using Dash as one of the payment methods. The team installs a POS terminal at a merchant’s place. At this point, they record about 80 daily transactions, but this number doesn’t accurately represent the state of adoption since some payments are conducted without the device.

Given that the majority of Venezuelans do not have access to smartphones (with slow Internet speed and rampant government censorship on top of that), the Dash Text feature also comes in handy. A client simply has to send an SMS with a corresponding code (‘buy’ + five digits) for his/her transaction to be processed.

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Dash News - Dash Price Prediction - How Much Will Dash Cost?

  • Vera Thornpike
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    Is Dash worth investing in and what will the cryptocurrency be worth in 2018 and following years?

Dash Price Prediction - How Much Will Dash Cost?
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Is Dash coin worth investing? How much will Dash coin cost in 2018 and the following years? Read essential information about this cryptocurrency and short and long-term price predictions.

The number of crypto coins popping up on the market is enormous, but only a few of them manage to get to the top. One of the most promising cryptocurrencies is Dash- an innovative coin for offline transactions. “Should I invest in it?” – you might ask. Let’s find out what makes Dash so special, and what is the Dash price prediction 2018 and for a longer term.

What is Dash?

Today, the main deficiency of the crypto market is the gap between offline and online world– some cryptocurrencies cannot be cashed out or used to make transactions in brick-and-mortar stores. Dash has been designed to solve this problem: it allows for instant transactions while being completely private. Besides, it ensures absolute security thanks to distributing data over 4,500 servers located all over the globe. The transaction verification time is also optimal, so you don’t have to wait for eternity until your transaction gets processed.

Since the moment of Dash introduction, Dash coin price prediction 2017 was justified. Mostly, due to its technological superiority over Bitcoin and other altcoins. Just look at this comparison table:



Block time– 10 min.

Block time– 2.5 min.

Max. supply– 21 mln

Max. supply– 21 mln

No privacy ensured

A high level of privacy

No instant sending

instant sending is included

No Masternodes

Masternodes are included

Dash price prediction 2017 and its performance

Dash coin was introduced in 2014, but until 2017, its cost didn’t exceed $15. In Spring 2017, the world has witnessed a quick ascension of this coin: it reached the threshold of $250, and by the end of the year cost $1,500. Just like other cryptocurrencies, Dash lost in price within the first half of 2018, and in July 2018, it’s average price is around $220.

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Dash coin price prediction 2018

In fact, the Dash prediction 2018 made in January, when all cryptocurrencies used to be on their peak, hasn’t been justified– the coin started falling. Therefore, forecasts like $1,500-2,000 by the end of 2018 do not seem realistic anymore. However, a realistic Dash 2018 prediction based on technological analysis seems to becoming reality: WalletInvestor predicts it’ll be $627 within one year (which can be true considering technological advantages), while longforecast.com shows such digits as $136 only in December 2018 (the cost can fall down because of general market situation).

Anyway, those who plan to invest should mind that Dash 2018 price prediction isn’t as bright long-term, so you shouldn't expect a quick and easy return of your funds.

Dash price prediction 2020

As for long-term Dash price prediction, opinions differ, but only concerning the exact cost of the coin. According to the humblest prognoses, it can be $451 in 2020, while Google’s forecast is $1,280. To reach such heights, the Dash team should work hard on improvements and promote this cryptocurrency by finding partners and investors. According to longforecast.com, Dash price won’t change much within five years– it will experience a serious surge in 2019 and get back to the price of $250-400 without exceeding it.

What can influence Dash coin prediction?

When it comes to crypto coin price prediction, Dash has one of the most positive prognosis due to its unique features:

  • Its structure is a Decentralized Anonymous Organization (DAO), which means it is being developed and supported by both volunteer members and official developers using decentralized governance. 10 percent from even mined block goes as a reward to the treasury.

  • Dash is created in C++ language, which also means it’s being elaborated by skilled programmers.

  • Dash ecosystem is created so that mining and governance are performed separately: miners handle the blocks, while Masternodes are responsible for the governance and provision of services.

  • Instantsend– the technology for faster execution of transactions with a lower fee than other currencies. As far as Dash is a hard fork of Litecoin, it has a quicker confirmation time and a better scalability.

  • Privatesend - the feature allowing users to make anonymous transactions that cannot be traced, in comparison with public transactions made on Blockchain Network. As we remember, anonymity was the feature that made Monero and ZCash prices soar, as well as Ethereum’s. Therefore, Dash coin price prediction is also positive thanks to Privatesend.

Bottom line

Although Dash is a promising platform and a valuable coin if you decide to invest in it, keep your hands at your pulse– Dash price can change dramatically due to various factors influencing the market. Dash needs to add more differentiating features to withstand the competition with altcoins representing Blockchain of third and fourth generations.

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