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Frax Finance Launches Frax Price Index on Partisia Blockchain: Details

Thu, 12/09/2021 - 14:45
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Vladislav Sopov
Frax Price Index works like Consumer Price Index (CPI) but for blockchain segment, goes live on novel Web3 platform Partisia
Frax Finance Launches Frax Price Index on Partisia Blockchain: Details
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Crypto start-up Frax Finance launches two novel products on high-performance blockchain Partisia that pioneers multi-party computation in decentralized finance.

New inflation metric launches on blockchain

According to the joint official announcement shared by Frax Finance and Partisia Blockchain, the two teams inked a strategic partnership. Within its framework, two novel products will go live on the Partisia platform.

Frax Finance partners Patrisia
Image by Frax Finance

Frax Price Index is the first one. It is promoted as a more fair and comprehensive alternative to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a popular indicator of inflation.

While CPI does not reflect the actual dynamics of inflation, its current methodology also poses privacy issues as it implies longitude tracking of consumer behavior.

Frax Price Index will not only consider the inflation of previously unexplored assets but also the upsurge of prices for healthcare, social programs and numerous other expenses.

Where MPC meets DLT: What is Partisia Blockchain?

Besides that, Partisia blockchain will be the technical basis for FRAX, a novel algorithmic stablecoin by Frax Finance, which is a decentralized alternative to mainstream USD-pegged stablecoins like USDT and USDC.

Brian Gallagher, co-founder at Partisia Blockchain, stresses that his product will be the reliable technical basis for both novel products by Frax Finance:

We chose to work with Frax Finance to integrate their algorithmic stable coin, because the technology is advancing beyond a pegged USD stable coin and uses a demand-supply curve where users minting and redeeming FRAX keeps the price stabilized.Together with Partisia Blockchain’s advanced privacy oracles, a variety of crowdsourced demographic purchasing data are converted into trustworthy indexes enabling FPI to disrupt the non-transparent methods so far used to report inflation data.

Travis Moore, co-founder of Frax Finance, is fascinated by the level of privacy accomplished by Partisia technology:

Partnering with Partisia Blockchain allows the Frax protocol to access cutting edge privacy protection technology. This enables us to build out the Frax Price Index with a high degree of privacy protection.

Partisia is the first-ever blockchain that merges the benefits of multi-party computation—a unique design of node architecture—and distributed ledger technology.

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