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Fantasy Tournaments: The New Form of Edutainment to Try

Thu, 01/13/2022 - 08:55
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StockBattle launched a new fantasy tournament concept that combines entertainment and education while giving a chance to earn real cash!
Fantasy Tournaments: The New Form of Edutainment to Try
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The NFL season is soon to be over. While it was another exciting journey for fantasy fans, there will be a huge gap in the daily routine once the competition ends. Fortunately, there’s a new market trend that can be a great addition to your schedule after the season is over. 

If you are a devoted fantasy player, you’ll love the opportunity to test yourself in fantasy trading. These are edutainment contests, which means you’ll learn while having fun in the process. The exciting, fast-paced tournaments on StockBattle won’t only maximize the thrill, but they can be a great way to earn extra income.

Does that sound interesting? Here is what you should know about fantasy contests!

What Is Fantasy Trading and How Is It Similar to Fantasy Football

In fantasy football competitions, you pick players to build your team. Your team’s score depends on the performance of those players in real life. 

Fantasy finance concepts are similar, except you choose assets instead of athletes. Those assets can be stocks or crypto. Before the competition starts, you need to select the portfolio for that contest. StockBattle tasks you with picking five assets from the desired category. You can pick any asset, which means there’s no limited budget. You can continue to adjust the selection until the tournament begins. 

Once it starts, you monitor the performance of those assets in the real market. Your portfolio needs to outperform others in the specified timeframe. If you end up with more profit, you win the game and take home the prize.

Fantasy Contests – The Educational Component

The amazing thing about fantasy trading is that it’s equally appealing to beginners and experienced investors. If you are looking to enter the trading world, fantasy contests are the perfect way to understand the basics.

Here is a quick overview of how fantasy finance can improve your trading knowledge and skills:

  • Get to know different assets. You can choose between crypto and stocks, and these competitions allow you to understand both categories better. You’ll get to know different companies and currencies, which can be important in preparing for the conventional trading market.
  • Understand volatility. Cryptocurrencies are more volatile than stocks. The overall volatility is more noticeable than in fantasy football competitions since a player’s value doesn’t fluctuate much.
  • Learn to read graphs and charts. These are basic tools for conventional and fantasy traders. Charts show price fluctuations during a specific period, from 15 days to months or even longer.
  • Picking assets that perform in the short and long run. StockBattle offers competitions that only last 15 minutes but also week-long tournaments. It allows you to test different approaches to picking assets that will perform well in those periods.

Fantasy Trading – What Makes It Fun?

Joining a fantasy finance platform is an excellent way to learn about assets and prepare for conventional trading. These fantasy tournaments are also entertaining and enjoyable to play. Here is why they attract more participants every day:

  • It only lasts a week. Fantasy tournaments last only a week, which is much shorter than an entire NFL season.
  • Every day is a new chance. Weekly contests are a series of daily tournaments. That means every day is a new chance to draft the right portfolio.
  • Results come via email. The system will send the results of each daily round to your email, so there’s no risk of forgetting to check the site.
  • An opportunity to profit. Fantasy competitions don’t require a significant investment. You can keep your spending low while having the opportunity to boost your balance.

How Do Fantasy Tournaments Work?

The crucial thing is that these fantasy contests are free. That means you don’t have to invest a single cent in participating in this special weekly tournament. 

On the other hand, you can win generous prizes since the total reward pool is $200. Once the tournament ends, the top 50 participants will receive prizes. The first-place winner will take $50, while the second-placed participant will take $20. The lowest prize is $0.5, which is still great since the tournament is free.

free fantasy
Source: StockBattle

It’s important to note that the fantasy tournaments on StockBattle are in the testing phase. The first competition will occur on January 5th, and the platform will accept the 50 most active participants. The prize pool for this competition is $50, and you can join from the feed on the site.

Basic Rules of Free Fantasy Tournaments

Here is a short overview of the fantasy tournament rules:

  • The competition begins every Monday at 11 AM ET. It finishes at 11 PM ET on Sunday.
  • This tournament is a series of daily contests. You need to pick a portfolio every day. Each round occurs between 11 AM ET and 11 PM ET on the given day.
  • Scoring is in the form of points. The maximum score in a daily contest depends on the number of participants. If 100 people take part in a daily contest, you’ll win 99 points for first place because you did better than 99 competitors. At the end of the week, all points from daily contests are combined to determine the final ranking.

Steps to Joining Fantasy Tournaments

free fantasy
Source: StockBattle

If this concept sounds exciting and you want to jump on board, here is how to join weekly fantasy contests:

  1. You need to register an account on StockBattle. The setup process takes only a few minutes. While waiting for the next week’s tournament, don’t hesitate to try freerolls and real-money duels available on this fantasy finance platform.
  2. Access your account and find the Tournaments section. The Tournaments tab is at the bottom of the page, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find it.
  3. Join the next tournament. You can sign up for next week’s competition immediately.
  4. Select your portfolios. You’ll now have an overview of daily contests with a separate tab for each. Use these to pick your portfolios for the competition. The deadline is 11 AM ET for every daily contest.
  5. Monitor your performance. The system will send email updates with daily results. However, you can also access the Leaderboard tab to see the current rankings.

Tips to Succeed in Fantasy Tournaments

It’s vital to analyze every crypto before adding it to your portfolio. Here are some strategies that could help you when selecting assets:

  • Look for momentum. Did a particular asset have a good start to the day? If you believe its value will continue going up, it’s worth adding it to the portfolio.
  • Pay attention to the latest news. If you stay informed, you might make last-minute changes to adjust to the industry events. Positive and negative news will tell you which coins to add and which to avoid for your portfolio.
  • Don’t stick to the same portfolio all seven days. Crypto is a volatile market, which is why those who adapt to frequent market fluctuations have the best chance of winning.

There’s no doubt StockBattle offers a revolutionary fantasy trading concept. Weekly crypto tournaments involve a series of seven daily contests. That means it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have much success in one day. You can pick a new portfolio for tomorrow and improve your score. This unique approach ensures frequent leaderboard changes and guarantees an adrenaline rush. Don’t hesitate to register and join the next tournament on this fantasy finance platform!

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