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Evolution of Tap-to-Earn Games: Bybit Exchange Holds Livestream

Wed, 10/07/2024 - 15:40
Evolution of Tap-to-Earn Games: Bybit Exchange Holds Livestream
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Tap-to-Earn games have taken the crypto world by storm, starting a new wave of excitement and even mass market acceptance of crypto and crypto gaming. The world's second-largest cryptocurrency exchange is hosting an exclusive livestream with industry experts to study the current status of the phenomenon and its potential new milestones.

Bybit exclusive livestream on Tap-to-Earn kicks off on July 11

Bybit, the world's second-largest crypto exchange by trading volume, is thrilled to host an exclusive livestream on July 11 as industry experts delve into the developments of Tap-to-Earn games and explore the potential for players to benefit from the new phase of euphoria.

As explained by the organizers of the online gathering, after a period of relative dormancy, crypto gaming is once again showing signs of life. The recent launch of Notcoin (NOT) cryptocurrency has sparked renewed excitement and market activity.

This week, one title has been making waves and grabbing global headlines - Hamster Kombat. This highly anticipated game was listed on Bybit premarket on July 8 and has already experienced a substantial price surge within a matter of hours.

Discussions have emerged that suggest that Tap-to-Earn is taking over Play-to-Earn. Clicker giants like TapSwap, Yescoin and Hamster Kombat have demonstrated how blockchain games can reach millions of users.

All of these events and processes will be discussed by Bybit's Livestream experts: Dirk Pennings, renowned Web3 enthusiast, Manta's Head of Gaming Geezee and crypto evangelist Sabrina Chua.

Pop quiz with USDT rewards welcomes Bybit enthusiasts

The livestream will be happening tomorrow, on July 11, at 8:00 a.m. (UTC). Within the framework of the livestream, users will be able to ask their questions and share their views.

Besides that, Bybit will run a pop quiz for participants of the livestream. Participants will be able to win from a prize pool of 500 U.S. Dollar Tethers (USDT).

As covered by U.Today previously, in Q1-Q2, 2024, Bybit witnessed a rapid increase in all major business metrics. Namely, its share of the crypto trading market jumped by almost 300% year-to-year.


Also, it demonstrated a 180% increase in institutional clients over the past year.


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