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Elon Musk Gets 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Author's Tweet About Coming Crash as Counterargument

Mon, 11/12/2023 - 14:34
Elon Musk Gets 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Author's Tweet About Coming Crash as Counterargument
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Twitter/X owner and meme loving tech innovator Elon Musk has published a meme featuring dinosaurs witnessing a meteorite hitting the Earth and discussing the likely consequences of this — such as “the economy” and “stocks,” which are incomparable to the fact that they are going to go extinct.


Musk’s tweet with this meme and his message are illustrating the current situation in the world, where numerous changes are happening in the U.S. and global economy, along with several geopolitical conflicts. “If civilization fails, nothing else matters,” Elon Musk’s message goes.

Crypto community responds, Kiyosaki’s argument used on Musk

Musk’s tweet brought up a wave of comments from his followers, including crypto-themed accounts among them.

One of the commentators cited a recent tweet by famous financial guru Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the classic book on investments, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” published around 30 years ago.

Kiyosaki stated that “Bank Credit just sold off like in 2008.” The guru urged his 2.4 million followers to get their cash out of the bank immediately, predicting that the current situation may be the beginning of the “biggest crash in history.” “Hope I’m wrong,” Kiyosaki added, saying that still there is no time to take chances here.

The commentator stated that the OPEC removed the Saudi dollar-oil peg last Tuesday, and now “stocks in Asia are collapsing because the dollar has no monetary anchor and China is not bailing anyone out.”

Elon Musk’s Astounding AI Prediction for Next Three Years Shocks Community

Robert Kiyosaki is a vocal Bitcoin supporter, believing that BTC is important during difficult times, as well as gold and silver. He has shared two quite optimistic price forecasts, as he expects the flagship digital currency to reach $100,000 (“next stop for Bitcoin”) and then possibly $500,000 by 2025. Kiyosaki expects gold and silver to spike by that time as well.

The main driver that will eventually propel Bitcoin to $100,000 and then to $500,000, Kiyosaki believes to be the uncontrolled money-printing that the Fed Reserve has been undertaking since 2020. In that year alone, more than $6 trillion were printed out of thin air to support U.S. households and buy out large businesses and banks.


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