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Decentralized Thaler DeGeThal (DTM) Introduces One-Stop Solution for Smart Banking

Fri, 9/07/2021 - 19:28
Decentralized Thaler DeGeThal (DTM) Introduces One-Stop Solution for Smart Banking
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DeGeThal (“Decentralized Thaler”) ecosystem attempts to address all bottlenecks of the modern financial system via its toolkit of hybrid crypto/fiat solutions for retail usage and organizations.

Crypto-fiat ecosystem with wallet and exchange: Introducing DeGeThal

Introduced in 2021 by a cohort of IT veterans, including former ConsenSys officers, the DeGeThal (DTM) project is tasked with creating a “one-stop” ecosystem for various use cases unexplored by traditional financial instruments.

Since its very first days, DeGeThal has targeted ambitious milestones. Namely, its final aim is creating a cryptocurrency project accessible to anyone in the world. The DeGeThal team is certain that digital assets can fuel a parallel economic environment and address global challenges:

We strongly believe in the future development of the crypto markets as a viable alternative to the traditional financial system regardless of economical, epidemiological or political factors.

A multi-currency wallet designed for transparent and lightning-fast transactions is a building block of the DeGeThal ecosystem. Eventually, it will evolve into a full-fledged economic instrument for daily usage for payments (including microtransactions), salaries, bank operations and so on. Besides bringing reliable operations for existing cryptocurrency users, DeGeThal will introduce crypto to newbies.

This wallet by DeGeThal will also include a module for seamless interaction between crypto-based and fiat-based financial systems. Thus, the DeGeThal wallet will serve as a reliable regulatory-compliant fiat paygate for new users of cryptocurrencies.

DeGeThal wallet will be powered by cutting-edge security instruments. Its team ensures that the transparency and finality of transactions will be guaranteed by industry-grade mechanisms compared to those utilized by flagship banks.

In late June 2021, DeGeThal smart contract design was audited by one of the most recognized cybersecurity vendors, EtherAuthority. As per the audit report, EtherAuthority approved all smart contracts features as true and valid.

In 2022-2023, the DeGeThal (DTM) project is going to introduce NFT-focused features and initiate the listing of its token on top-league exchanges, including Binance (BNB). Card payment integration with Visa and Mastercard will go live in 2024 to advance the crypto/fiat experience of all DeGeThal users.

DTM Token: Digital Thaler for DeFi era

DeGeThal token, or “Decentralized Thaler” (DTM), is a backbone element of DeGeThal tokenomics and is seamlessly integrated into all modules of DeGeThal. The token is minted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a smart contracts environment by world-leading exchange Binance (BNB) and the fastest-growing programmatic blockchain.

Right now, DeGeThal (DTM) token is available for purchase within the bounds of private sale procedures. DTM private sale can be joined via top-tier mainstream wallets like MetaMask, TrustWallet (TWT) and so on. Private Sale will be closed on July 15, 2021. All participants in the DTM private sale will enjoy five percent bonuses.

Within pre-sale Stage 1 (until Aug. 15, 2021), the price of DTM will be set at 0.2 USDT. Within pre-sale Stage 2 (until Sept. 15, 2021), DTM will be worth 0.25 USDT.

The last stage of pre-sale (Stage 3) will take place between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, 2021, with 0.3 USDT per DTM rate.

The maximum liquid supply of DTM token is capped at 100,000,000. Only 50,000,000 are available for sale during the private sale, pre-sale and public sale phases.

Twenty percent of tokens will be allocated to the future development of the project while Team, Rewards, and Marketing allocations will be set at 10 percent each.

DTM will act as a utility token within the DeGeThal ecosystem: all DTM holders will exchange crypto with reduced fees. In future stages of the project’s development, the staking module will be unveiled. All DTM holders will be invited to advance the security of DeGeThal operations with their stakes.


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