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Cypherpunk Legend Tim May Has Passed Away

  • Alex Dovbnya
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    One of the biggest voices in the crypto anarchy movement has left a huge legacy behind him that is coupled with his bold and controversial opinions

Cypherpunk Legend Tim May Has Passed Away

Timothy C. May, who is better known as Tim May, has just passed away at his home in Corralitos, California due to ‘natural causes’. The Cypherpunks co-founder enjoyed a great level of respect in the crypto community as the Bitcoin godfather.

A major voice in crypto anarchy

The saddening announcement was posted by Lucky Green, one of Tor's earliest participants, who describes May as his ‘dear friend’, ‘co-conspirator’ and ‘fellow freedom fighter’.

Green states that May was one of the main sources of his inspiration, and he wouldn’t be able to ‘work in the field today’ without his expertise. May served as a senior Intel scientist at the very inception of the tech giant.

May is widely regarded as one of the most well-known figure in the crypto anarchist movement. The political opinions of the staunch libertarian were somehow controversial but it made him even a more influential figure.

Notably, in his last interview he agreed that Bitcoin is not just ‘toy money’ but it yet has to prove it as a viable replacement for fiat currencies.

Crypto community mourns a big loss

In a snap, the news became the hottest topic on the crypto Twitter with numerous users expressing their distress in the wake of May’s death.


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